A Journey to Remember…

This past Sunday, Mr. B and I celebrated twelve years of “wedded bliss.” Of course, being a spontaneous and totally carefree couple, we decided to stay at the Old Edwards Inn, in Highlands, N.C for our anniversary weekend. Long touted as a “European Style Retreat” in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I was one lucky girl when they contacted me to tell me they had a cancellation for the weekend, because most of the time they are booked solid. We arrived late Friday night, and were escorted to our room, situated in a story-brook style cottage, actually it was more like a luxury apartment. Oops, I forgot to mention that we were offered champagne as we were checking in and chocolate covered strawberries, and yes I did sip on some bubbly (when in Rome I say). So I  unpacked my bag in our “kitchen closet” (I coined this phrase because there was a mini-kitchen in our expansive closet), Of course what’s the first thing that a girl does? Checks out the bathroom…while the guy turns on the T.V.  The bathroom was the size of a small football field, encased in creamy Carrera marble, with a steam shower and separate bath area. Hanging from the heated towel racks were Frette towels. Are you just dying yet? (Because I was). With my glass of Dom Perignon in hand I took a luxurious bath in scented bath salts, and fell head over heels in love with the solid pewter “English Telephone” deck mount tub facets, with the hot (Chaud) and cold (Froid) taps in French.

Photo/ Courtesy of Dom Perignon

Life doesn’t get any better than this…my bubbly of choice for our anniversary.

Afterwards I wrapped myself in a $200.00 robe and walked across the waxed “Heart of Pine” floors,  crawled into my four poster bed flanked by a pair of period antique nightstands, and yes the linens were also Frette. Are you kidding me? Did they give us the wrong room? So thinking that I was dreaming, I went to sleep only to wake up and realize that yes this really was where I was staying. The room was larger than my living room, and the sitting room had a stacked stone fireplace, loads of antiques and every amenity that I could ask for (and I did). It was mountain magnificence at it’s finest, and I was sadly disappointed when we returned home to find out that in fact I do not have a butler, our shower is the size of a shoebox, and there is no one calling me to ask if I need anything. Not to mention the fact that that my linens are sadly not imported from Turkey.

Our fairy tale cottage…

We had a memorable stay, and for our anniversary dinner they spread rose petals over the Frette table linens…I was thrilled…Mr. B… well I think he could have done without the tribute, and the karaoke in the Hummingbird Lounge. Yes, the classical guitar player let me sing along when he did a passable rendition of “You are the Sunshine of My Life.” I have to thank Mr. B. for staying for the whole song….how many guys would let their wives serenade them on their anniversary (by a wife who is notorious for singing the wrong words on most songs)? I’m sure that experience will be imprinted in his memory for years to come, as well as most of the people in the lounge that evening.

Yes..the four poster bed wrapped in Frette linens…

A corner nook where I rested after a long day of walking and shopping….

The entrance to the mineral pool and the aquatic paradise.

This is where we languished away our Saturday afternoon.

Ah….”Hot Tub Heaven”.

Madison’s Restaurant where we celebrated our 12th anniversary…

The Croquet Lawn, I did challenge Mr. B to a game (perhaps he afraid he might lose?), but he was content to relax by the pool.

The European inspired turret perfect for the modern day Romeo.

One of the many window boxes that lined the balconies outside the Inn, all overflowing with botanical beauty.

I absolutely love old churches..and the architecture of this heavenly abode located near the Old Edwards inn was just awe inspiring.

The interior of one of the historical churches located in Highlands and the perfect place to count our blessings.

This is the original church structure, I fell in love with the quaint exterior and the picket fence.

The current addition of the church perfectly melds the old with the new.

It was a perfect weekend with my perfect husband, and it’s so unbelievable that so many years have passed since our wedding day. I’m so grateful that we have had so many amazing moments….full of love and laughter, and thankful that each day brings more.

“Somewhere over the Rainbow”…the perfect ending to an amazing weekend.

P.S. I hope you enjoyed a snapshot of our weekend and some of the pics too (I’m finally putting my photography class to good use)!

© All of the pictures featured are the property of Vicki Bolick and any reproduction is expressly prohibited.


  1. yes indeed you are! your photography is rocking my world. Congratulations on a beautiful union and many more amazing years ahead!

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