A Very Swedish Christmas…

I’ll say this…Christmas is just a crazy time of year, and it gets worse. Clients get cranky, showrooms are stressed, and delivery companies practically take their phones of the hook. It’s not fun for designers…and this year I am absolutely not working the last two weeks of Christmas. End. Of. Story. Last Christmas, I was applying touch up paint to some nicks that a client made in the wall moving furniture for her Christmas Eve party. All while we finished the installation one hour before the party. No pressure. Yes, I stayed for the party, and was a permanent fixture by a bowl filled with traditional Swedish Glögg (the recipe provided to the client by moi’). Honestly, after awhile I didn’t even notice the chips that she made in the paint. If you’ve never had it…thought I share a recipe that some of my good friends who live in Stockholm, Sweden passed down to me (Thanks Liz and Lars).

Swedish Glögg

1 Bottle of Red Wine

0.5 Liters of Brandy/and or Vodka (if you’re Swedish you know you put both in, after all it does get pretty cold there).

1 Cinnamon Stick (Broken down)

1/2 Orange peeled (Dried or Fresh)

1/2 Pound of Sugar

Optional: Raisins, Almonds, Figs

Directions: Heat the wine, brandy, and spices, fruits and nuts in a pot. Let it simmer for about 45 minutes. Then strain to remove all the additions. Serve Glögg over hot lumped sugar (or granulated). P.S. Use small glasses. Enjoy, and of course don’t drink and drive!

Now that I shared (I did leave out a few secret ingredients after all it is a family recipe), here are some of my favorite Swedish Christmas pics from my style files. Why do I like Swedish design? Because, its clean, streamlined and is a reminder that there is beauty in the simple things (and also because I am part Swedish).

This year was a year of change for me, we are in the process of adopting a six year old, it seems like we waited forever for a child, and it has been the most incredible experience. She has made me look at life, and people in an entirely different way. I’ve learned to just focus on my work, and doing what I love. Life is too short, and my family too important, and in the end that is really all that matters.

So next year, I look forward to building more memories with my family…and just enjoying each precious moment….

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