All Mixed Up :: Mismatched Chairs


In a place known as the "Design Lab" or Casa B. I have another design dilemma. Our breakfast room chairs. I sold them this summer┬ábefore I decided on any replacements (along with our table). It wasn't my intention to sell my chairs, but the woman that bought the table liked my chairs, and she was so … [Read more...]

Gardens of Charleston


Charleston, S.C. the hotbed of the South. Steeped in history and shrouded in the rarefied air of old money. Historical mansions line shaded streets while live oaks stand guard over an elusive inner social circle. The latter of which has been unveiled in (Bravo's "Southern Charm"). Outsiders (like … [Read more...]

25 Shades of My Favorite Gray’s


This weekend I realized that I've been living inside a design box, and not thinking outside of it. It all centered around a twelve-month quest for a rug. I know all designers say this-but designing our homes puts us into "freeze mode." In fact, a few weeks ago a good friend of mine, (who owns a … [Read more...]