Objects of Desire :: 3|20|15


Where has this week gone? We took a breather this week and decided not to go anywhere, time to renew and refresh (minus a quick trip to NYC). One of my goals has always been to make sure that I provide fresh content to my readers, after all I feel obligated to the legions of people that take the … [Read more...]

Lighting :: Pagoda Lanterns


I have developed an obsession over the past year that positively won't go away (and it doesn't happen to be a boy band). It's the Pagoda Lantern, and we've seen it hanging out everywhere from hallways to closets, and over kitchen islands. Quite frankly I think it brings a level of unexpected … [Read more...]

The Ace Around Town :: Lush Life


Last week I took a "shop-cation," not a trip that required luggage, but one that did require packing my camera bag. Don't get me wrong I love to travel, but luckily my destination was just a short drive to downtown Atlanta from the suburbs. The end of the line was my favourite shoppe, not to buy … [Read more...]