The Design 10 :: 10/5/15


I've come to the conclusion that 2015 is the year of brilliant brand collaborations. Because they just keep happening. It's also the season of design events, and in several weeks there will be a lot of excitement as hundreds of designers, media & bloggers descend en-masse on Highpoint to view … [Read more...]

The Design 10:: 9/16/2015


And they said it wouldn't last. At least that's what Mr. B. thought. But, there is enough news every week to keep Design 10 interesting, and then some. I could fill up pages with what I read, see & hear every week. Some I can't repeat (shh....), and some I don't want to. But there is one thing … [Read more...]

THE DESIGN 10:: 9/9/2015


A while back I had an idea (dangerous I know) to share design news with my readers and the community. As a design blogger and writer, I receive a lot of press releases, product launch information, and juicy tidbits passed along to me in a conversation. What's a little harmless gossip amongst … [Read more...]