A Room That Love Will Build


This post is about a special project that I'm undertaking this week. It's for my daughter. She is the only reason that I am emerging from a temporary design break, while forcing me to sharpen my drafting pencils. While we were fostering her, we decided to make my office her playroom and move my … [Read more...]

It’s A Brand New Look For “The Ace of Space” Blog”!!!


It's HERE!!! I think I hear trumpets, or at the very least a large round of applause. Today is the official unveiling of my "new look" at "The Ace of Space Blog". When it went live yesterday, I must have looked at it 100 times, it's better than a brand new pair of Tory Burch shoes (gosh when was the … [Read more...]

My Life In Watercolour


Ah...a week without snow, and I'm not sure I'm really ready. Truth be told, I actually like the white stuff. Since I'm from Upstate NY (near Canada, not NYC), I start wearing sweaters in August and I'm really not ready to put them away until maybe April. That's how my internal clock works. Yes, this … [Read more...]