A Room That Love Will Build

This post is about a special project that I’m undertaking this week. It’s for my daughter. She is the only reason that I am emerging from a temporary design break, while forcing me to sharpen my drafting pencils. While we were fostering her, we decided to make my office her playroom and move my office downstairs. The one thing that we didn’t anticipate was that she wouldn’t spend any time there. Because of her history, she doesn’t like to be in any room alone. We all agreed as a family that we would convert the space into a family room, complete with TV, video and space for all her dolls. So this week, I am going to paint, get furniture moved in, and do the reveal on Friday. This is a special request to my husband’s co-workers and wives. Please do not tell Mr. B. that I am painting, it will ruin his day. The last time I painted, I tried to fix a crack in a plaster wall (this was at our old house, think horsehair plaster in a 90 year old bungalow), after doing a little research, I was instructed to take a putty knife and scrape at the crack until all the loose plaster was gone. Well, I did that and scraped off an inch in depth of plaster on the entire wall. It took me 2 months to find someone who works with plaster, evidently it’s a lost art-form. I think that was about the same time that Mr. B. started talking to me again. Seriously, how hard would it be to paint drywall? Stay tuned.

For this project,  I ordered FLOR tiles in “Spot On.” I’m painting the walls. (If I were brave, I would mix all my test paints together and call it a day). I’ve already purchased a television stand (via HomeGoods)…Yes, I am “HomeGoods Happy” (free plug) at the moment. It wasn’t the Ralph Lauren to-die-for piece that I really, really, wanted. Mr. B. said “no” and then hung up on me before I could start reasoning with him (so maybe painting the room is a little “revengy.”) I took a gorgeous Art Deco cabinet out of storage, the perfect piece to house “The Fashionista’s” board games.  The cabinet was right off a container from England, and was a gift from a designer I used to work for.  It was a pay-off for my silence, and the endless loop of whining i.e. how much I loved it, how much I wanted it, and how little she paid me. Paired with a slip-covered sofa, a hair-on-hide ottoman, personal artwork, and natural linen drapery with 2″ Charlotte Moss fabric tape, it should be “fait accompli”. If I can finish a 10,000+ square foot house for a client in 3 months this should be a walk in Central Park, right?

P.S. I mentioned a sabbatical from working in design, there are three reasons:  One has to do with a book, which will be available in the fall (fingers crossed);  the second is a video series that we are doing on the blog which is very, very labour intensive; the third is because my blog has become a business. Currently, I am referring clients to several fabulous designers in the area, one of which is working on a gorgeous mansion for a professional athlete (for the referral, she has promised to share the pictures with me first, that is if she doesn’t get published). Oh, and she sent me a Tory Burch bag as a gift…this will surely keep the referrals coming her way.

Now for a peek at what is going into a “special space” for my daughter…


The paint- “Melted Ice Cream” from Benjamin Moore, a “taupe-y” pink, the perfect foundation colour.


 The rug-FLOR tiles in “Spot On,” (of course we all know that Leopard is a neutral). The light is from Circa lighting and one of my splurges in the room. I spiced up the neutral linen drapery with 2″ decorative tape from Charlotte Moss for Calico Corners.


The Art Deco cabinet is fresh out of storage, and is without a doubt one of my favorites…


 What’s not to love? In my opinion this is the perfect television console.


This photo and design is via Tracery Interiors, and I am absolutely obsessed.


Hard to believe, but this will be our first slip-covered piece of furniture.  The fact that the slipcover can be laundered was the deciding factor…via Pottery Barn.


This is hair-on-hide ottoman in brindle will go into the room, adding another textural element.

The accent colours are going to be mauve, and 9 personal photos of “The Fashionista” will be hung on the walls after they have been processed through Waterlogue and printed on Watercolor paper. After Friday, I’ll share the “befores” and “afters.” Until next time…

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It’s A Brand New Look For “The Ace of Space” Blog”!!!

It’s HERE!!! I think I hear trumpets, or at the very least a large round of applause. Today is the official unveiling of my “new look” at “The Ace of Space Blog”. When it went live yesterday, I must have looked at it 100 times, it’s better than a brand new pair of Tory Burch shoes (gosh when was the last time I mentioned Tory Burch?) My apologies, Tory…

I want to thank, Shari Miller of Little Blue Deer littlebluedeer.com. I started working with her a few years ago to help me update my old blog with logos, press banners and portfolio pictures. Then I talked with Meg Biram, who is a multi-tasking powerhouse, in the Fall of 2013 megbiram.com.  I hired Meg to evaluate and assess my brand (it’s always important to get an unbiased opinion from a seasoned pro), one of the first things she said, and I knew it was coming “Your blog needs to be updated, it doesn’t align with your website, it needs to be more upscale” (I’m paraphrasing here). So I was faced with the reality of change. After all I’m a grown-up now, and with the brands that I was partnering with, I knew it was time for a change. My first choice, Little Blue Deer. She was booked until February 2014 (it was October). Ouch….But, good things come to those who wait, and so I did. Then I received the e-mail “Vicki, I can start working on your blog.” I really liked my old blog, it was the equivalent of saving your baby blanket, so with sweaty palms, I sent my reply “Okay.” So the journey began, we played around with logos, and I want to give some credit to my fabulous husband, Mr. B.  He sketched logos for me one weekend, let’s say in the neighborhood of at least 25. That man, can draw! (I am one proud Mrs. B). It was one of the sketches that Shari used as the foundation for my new logo, clean simple and elegant. Ideas were exchanged back and forth, and a new blog look was born. One that exceeded my highest hopes. Shari, you are amazing, and I know I told you this (quite a bit), but it’s true. As a perfectionist, which is hard to admit in the event Mr. B reads this, I would truly not change one thing. This post is simply to showcase the incredible talent of Shari Miller, of Little Blue Deer, and unveil my new blog “skin.” Thank you, Shari [insert tears here].

So one more thing to share, I know I don’t say it in my blog (very much anyway), but Mr. B. thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and allowing me to do what I love, which is to write about design and our crazy life. On that note, I wanted to share a picture that he drew for me a few days ago…Back tomorrow with a post about a company that I’m obsessed with…




My Life In Watercolour

Ah…a week without snow, and I’m not sure I’m really ready. Truth be told, I actually like the white stuff. Since I’m from Upstate NY (near Canada, not NYC), I start wearing sweaters in August and I’m really not ready to put them away until maybe April. That’s how my internal clock works. Yes, this creature of habit actually embarrassed the “Fashionista”, when I walked into school to pick her up in my favorite cable knit sweater from Ireland, and it was almost 75 degrees out.

On the other end of the spectrum, my daughter was wearing a short sleeve shirt from The Gap, and the most adorable Michael Kors leopard print flats with studs. As Jenna Lyons (of J. Crew fame) once said “As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral.” It’s firmly ingrained in the brain of my pint sized prodigy, as I soon witnessed from this retold tale-“Mom, Abbie said my shoes didn’t match my shirt.” Me: “What? They do actually, leopard is a neutral, so it goes with just about anything.” The Fashionista: “That’s what I said, remember when your friend told you? The tiger lady?” Yes, Jenna Lyon (aka Tiger, or Lion) you are now being quoted by First Graders, and of course I was very flattered that she believes we are friends. I am one proud Momma, in addition to my daughter’s amazing attributes, (she’s beyond kind, funny and smart), she can also quote fashion icons at the tender age of seven.


The Fashionista’s leopard shoes in Waterlogue….

As a side note: I get quite a few e-mails asking for updates on our daughter, in March it will be one year since we adopted her. With infinite amounts of love and stability, she continues to thrive and is such an inspiration to us all. I am in awe of what she has accomplished in the two years we’ve known her, and words can’t express how much she is loved. I wish I could show you pictures, but we’ve chosen not to put any on social media to protect her privacy, although we may occasionally if it’s not a full face shot.

So while I am navigating the world of fashion as it relates to kids, I am also navigating the world of apps. Yes, this is the “Year of the App,” although it’s also the “Year of the Horse.” I have many sleepless nights to look forward to, because the new photo applications are simply life changing, at least until the next “new thing” comes along. I am totally Waterlogue and Glaze obsessed, and have already spent hours of precious free time “Waterloging”, just about every photo known to mankind. Of course, I wanted to share some pictures from my design portfolio after they were converted into “works of art” courtesy of “Waterlogue.” I am posting the pictures “commercial free” purely for your viewing pleasure. So here are some of my designs showcased in an entirely new light…









On a side note I’ll be unveiling my new and approved blog next week, it’s redesigned and fabulous. I’m a little sad about leaving the “old look” behind, it was with me for 2 1/2 years, but it was time for a fresh new update. Out of nostalgia, I wanted to write one more post under my old blog design, “for old times sake.” Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter for more design inspiration, and updates from the world of design.

As always,