A Room That Love Will Build


This post is about a special project that I'm undertaking this week. It's for my daughter. She is the only reason that I am emerging from a temporary design break, while forcing me to sharpen my drafting pencils. While we were fostering her, we decided to make my office her playroom and move my … [Read more...]

It’s A Brand New Look For “The Ace of Space” Blog”!!!


It's HERE!!! I think I hear trumpets, or at the very least a large round of applause. Today is the official unveiling of my "new look" at "The Ace of Space Blog". When it went live yesterday, I must have looked at it 100 times, it's better than a brand new pair of Tory Burch shoes (gosh when was the … [Read more...]

My Life In Watercolour


Ah...a week without snow, and I'm not sure I'm really ready. Truth be told, I actually like the white stuff. Since I'm from Upstate NY (near Canada, not NYC), I start wearing sweaters in August and I'm really not ready to put them away until maybe April. That's how my internal clock works. Yes, this … [Read more...]

Judging A Book By It’s Cover…


If you live in the United States and listen to the news, then you know that the South is once again being pummeled with snow. The wintry mix is perfectly fine with me, it's the fact that school is closed again, possibly until next Tuesday. This has me dreaming of sitting underneath a palm tree in a … [Read more...]

My Dream Spaces…


We survived #snowpocolyspe or #snowmageddon, and now I am frantically playing catch-up with a to-do list that rivals that of Martha, I have spent the better part of the week returning phone calls, e-mails and occasionally stopping to "Waterlogue" the entire photo gallery on my i-Phone. This … [Read more...]

Asian Flair-What I Worked on in 2013!


It's 2014. Finally. I was so ready for a new year, new start. With a new year comes new projects, new adventures, and  a new look for my blog. I'm excited about 2014 and all the possibilities coming my way. Truth be told I didn't work on a lot of design projects last year. I took the year off to … [Read more...]

Isn’t It Grand (Legrand)?


This summer I had the honour of being one of the Judges in a "Pinterest Challenge" to promote the adorne™ collection from Legrand, along with several esteemed bloggers such as Susan Serra from The Kitchen Designer Blog (http://thekitchendesigner.org) and Jenny Komenda from The Little Green Notebook … [Read more...]