25 Shades of My Favorite Gray’s


This weekend I realized that I've been living inside a design box, and not thinking outside of it. It all centered around a twelve-month quest for a rug. I know all designers say this-but designing our homes puts us into "freeze mode." In fact, a few weeks ago a good friend of mine, (who owns a … [Read more...]

My Favorite Pink AND Red Rooms


Since there has been so much construction chaos over the past four months the Fashionista informed me last week that she wanted a pink & red room. I'm not sure if she was inspired by all things related to Valentine's Day or if her design gene is moving her in the direction of more sophisticated … [Read more...]

Interior Treats :: Me, Oh, Mama


After a week in Greenville, S.C. as part of my US of A tour, I decided to luxuriate in a bath full of bubbles bubbly or both...with my I-Pad charged and several hours of quiet, it was the perfect time to catch up. As a visual warrior in search of all things beautiful, I decided to start on … [Read more...]

The Artful Home :: Paint Spatters


This week I finally said it, out loud. I am a Design Blogger who used to be a Designer. There are no more blurred lines. I've always been a big supporter of people following their dreams, only I never took my own advice. So today, I found myself clarifying what I really do for a living. I was asked … [Read more...]

The Ace Around Town-“Tastemaker Series”:: Angie Hranowsky


    I have a bucket list, or a list of sorts which has the title "Designers I Will Hire When I'm Rich."  In this ideal dream world that I have created, I will own a mansion in Newport, Rhode Island  one of "The Gilded Age Mansions" (you absolutely have to dream big). It will have … [Read more...]

In Stitches: Embroidery & Interiors


Summer vacation is here. If you're a Mom you know what I mean. I decided to be brave this year, we will not have a nanny, we will not put the Fashionisa in daycare, she and I will be spending quality time together until Mr. B. decides that it's actually costing him alot more money to have her stay … [Read more...]