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This is too good not to share. Although, I did pinky promise not to reveal his real name…I met with a designer (it has to do with architectural plans) over the weekend. SO enter, a big burly, former football player who oozed testosterone. He is even on a hockey team. We talked about design, the industry, blogs, and after looking at some of his spectacular designs, we started talking kitchens. Then he showed me a kitchen he just finished (this dude has some mad skills)…complete with rhinestone encrusted drawer pulls. Okay, he just looks tough. Then I thought cool, I could totally use another BFF, you know the guys who will totally be your plus one, and your significant others will never, ever have to worry. I started thinking about events that I had to attend and how much fun that would be to bring him along as my plus one.  Then he shared with me that he always wanted to be a fashion designer. I was dying. We are totally separated at birth (sans the physical stature). I have found my other “husband.” Plus he was funny (bonus). I was thinking cocktail events, he could totally hang out with me at industry functions. He was the answer to every female designers prayers.  Then I asked him, in front of my husband, in front of his assistant, “Hey do you want to go to an industry event with me next week.” All eyes have now turned to me. His face turned red, I mean Farrow & Ball-“Eating Room Red.” My husband looked like I had totally jumped headfirst into a pit of snakes. Me-“Hey if your busy, I totally understand. I have my friend Tom I can take.” – The silence was uncomfortable, painfully. My husband had “the” look on his face, the same one he had when I asked one of his former bosses wives if she was pregnant (she wasn’t). The designer- “My wife might have a problem with that. Did you think I wasn’t straight?” SAY what? Can I get a drink over here please? “Well…yes…” The sound of that ear-splitting laugh was deafening, hey I did mention he had a sense of humor right? The moral of this story-never assume. Anything.

So while I was out committing social “faux pas,” I received an e-mail from a follower who asked me what some of my favourite Pinterest Pins are. Well, there are many, but then I thought why not let the fans decide based on Re-pins. So here they are my “My Top Ten Repins.” Some surprised me, and others I couldn’t agree with more…and here are the results.

 The Ace's Top 10 Most Pinned Images

 Drum roll please…


 From the Belair Hotel in California, my followers loved this image because of the wallpaper, and quite frankly I saw the writing on the wall too..


 via Domino Magazine

Was it the gilt ceiling paint, or the blue and green color scheme? Or both? Coming in at #2 this dining space made my followers green with envy.



Evidently, people love Hermes saddles….or at least the horse.


 Image originally pinned from

 One thing I know for sure is this- people really connect with horses. So do I. In fact, I have an entire Pinboard devoted to our equine friends-titled “Equestriana.” 


Photo/ Courtesy Vicki Gladle

This was one that surprised me, an image of a design I did for a teenage client. There were other elements in the room that were not photographed and I suppose as designers we always have regrets. Although, I would like to thank all those who where inspired enough to pin it.



Basements are challenging to design, but not so with this space. It resonated with hundreds of people.



From the graphic patterned floor to the orchid colored ceiling painted. What’s not to love?



This bathroom inspired many to hit the Repin button, from the stand alone tub, wooden shelves and painted brick walls. 



Rustic design is going through an evolution, but this interior will always have that timeless quality, which is obviously appealing to many.

repins10Designer/ Steven Gambrel

I think everything Steven Gambrel does is stunning, and apparently so so hundreds of others…

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Mirrors: The Perfect Reflection

There are two things in my home that you will see a lot of, candles and mirrors. The latter has absolutely nothing to do with vanity, in fact on any given day I’m lucky if I have a chance to get out of my P.J.’s before 5PM. If I’m not out sourcing for clients I am at home on the phone “taking care of business,” as a blogger. Bottom line it’s the way most designers bloggers roll. When I used to work for a well known purveyor of all things beautiful in the ATL, an exceedingly talented and well known designer came in with her entourage, in her P.J.’s and a long sweater jacket,  the latter had more “pills” than a Hollywood starlet. It’s a visual that is positively burned into my short term memory. In fact, I have seen her at numerous events perfectly coiffed, dripping in high-end couture (think Paris runway), and all I can think of is a tattered sweater, and Land’s End lounge-wear (on my new Tory Burch messenger bag, I swear it’s true). At that moment, I knew that I could definitely work that look, and I have, to the mailbox, down the street, to the drive thru and once right into my favorite high-style boutique. I just haven’t gone out in public with Mr. B. in my “P.J. Chic”…yet, but it will happen.

So, my point is that mirrors are definitely not for vanity at our house, but used to reflect light, add some sparkle, architectural interest, or to create a little high drama. If you follow my blog, you may have guessed that we actually “live” in our home. I make very few apologies for the toys lining our hallway, or the constant clutter and culinary chaos in our kitchen. I have been in “designer” homes and literally looked underneath the couch cushions to see if there was any evidence of kids (because I knew they had some), or signs of life. Yes, our house is well lived in and our mirrors are strategically placed to reflect back the cleanest parts of our home. How clever is that? Here are some of my favorite mirrors, inside some of the most amazing spaces, some of the interiors I have been fortunate enough to step foot in. P.S. I wish I could show you some of my own well-loved mirrors, but I just signed my life away with a company that is using some photos of our home in a marketing campaign. Say what? Hopefully our cleaning lady can wave her “Mr. Clean” wand and transform Casa B. into some much needed semblance of order, or at least find hiding places in between our cushions that haven’t already been taken.


Courtesy/ Vicki

This mirror at one of my favourite watering holes in NYC-General Assembly, not only reflects the light, but adds architectural interest to an otherwise empty wall…


Credit-House of Parker

This mirror in a simple frame, balances the artwork, and  gives the illusion that the studded console is taller than it actually is…


Credit-Aclure Interiors

Foxed mirrors are the perfect backdrop to sophisticated, transitional spaces.


Photo-Vicki Bolick/

This Federal style mirror is so fitting over the mantel of this century old mansion. I love the way it captures the chandelier in the room. Located in Memphis, Tennessee it’s a must see if your ever in “Elvistown.”



A large grouping of similarly toned mirrors goes a long way in creating visual impact…



This is such a clever way to mount a few mirrors, on a painted board or door. It also allows you to move this piece around the room….Genius.


Photo-Vicki Bolick/

A large mirror leaned against a wall warms up this dining space…


Design-Vicki Bolick/ Photo-Christina Wedge

This was a space I designed for a couple who moved back to the states from Singapore. The large wall needed more visual pizzazz without detracting from the artwork, so I added mis-matched mirrors, which also served to reflect light back into the space…

I hope you have an amazing 4th of July holiday! P.S. Well be back with our “Tastemaker” series next week with more fabulously talented designers! So don’t forget to check back…

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Interior Treats :: Me, Oh, Mama

After a week in Greenville, S.C. as part of my US of A tour, I decided to luxuriate in a bath full of bubbles bubbly or both…with my I-Pad charged and several hours of quiet, it was the perfect time to catch up. As a visual warrior in search of all things beautiful, I decided to start on Instagram. If you follow Instagram then you know the first images you are hit with are recommendations based on “People You Follow.” Uh-oh. Of course, I may have posted a few, and if I share one more sunset I think my followers are going to think I’m a nature photographer and not a Design Blogger. I watch the sky so much for the perfect moment that I tripped twice last week, once spilling out everything in my purse (it’s actually a large tote) to the stares of everyone passing by, yes I felt that people were being a little “judgy.” Why wouldn’t I have 2 cameras, 20 tubes of lipstick (A girl has to have choices right?) an extra pair of Kate Spade flats, numerous notebooks, pens from just about every hotel I’ve ever stayed at, a DVD player (don’t ask), the Frozen CD, a deck of Old Maid (I have an eight year old), a crossword puzzle book, and the latest copy of W Magazine & Veranda (for a coffee break if  I ever have time to take one), a hospital sized first-aid kit (perfect for small operations), and 7 pairs of sunglasses…and the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong I did have several men stop and help, one of whom mentioned that he hoped my husband “Cut up the credit card.” Why would Mr. B. do that? He wants to stay married right? I was going to post the sidewalk spillage on Instagram, but frankly the sunset might be a little more interesting, but certainly not as amusing.

So off I went to explore, and see what some of my favorite IG’ers had to offer. Then I stumbled onto O&D Interiors, a recommendation from Instagram. Hat tip to the genius’s over there. It was a feast for my eyes, because this dynamic duo can design. My mission is to share the latest and greatest with my followers. So share I will, in fact I have a feeling that some people will thank me. Alot. I really don’t know much about Nicole Davis & Becki Owens (yet), but their work certainly speaks for itself. They also have a blog They were kind enough to give me permission this morning to share the photos off IG. P.S. Jeanne Chung (Cozy. Stylish. Chic) you wondered why I was up until 3AM…well this is why. I think you’ll agree that it was so worth it. On a side note: I do want to mention that we have our next “Tastemaker” in the pipeline, Jane Goetz, this talented “Tastemaker” hails from Atlanta, and had a project being photographed that she wanted to include. I have little doubt that it’s going to be worth the wait…after that several of my favorites from Greenville, S.C.


Photo/ Ashlee Raubach-Designers/ O & D Interiors

These stunning doors give a little hint of the graphic drama to follow in the dining room…


Photo/ Ashlee Raubach- Designers/ O & D Interiors

The marbled fabric on the drapes and shade are simply stunning…


 Designers/ O & D Interiors

The vaulted ceiling & the soothing colour palette give impact to this stylish space…


 Photo/ Ashlee Raubach- Designers/ O & D Interiors

 This bathroom is proof that white is still hot…


 Designers/ O & D Interiors

 Encased in Carrera …


 Designers/ O & D Interiors

I love the graphic play of the wallpaper with the veining on the counter-top.


Designers/ O & D Interiors

The design on the wrought iron staircase adds architectural detail…

As always don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook for more design inspiration. P.S. I did want to clarify something from my last post. Although, I will be Design Blogger first and foremost, I will still have my hand in the design pie, we are the in process of setting up a unique service that offers remote design only. We will no longer be working with clients in person. Also, we are setting up a store that will offer art pieces to complete gallery walls from some of my favorite artists…More information about all that later. I hope you enjoyed this Interior Treat™.

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