Chandeliers :: Lighting Picks To Love


Over the course of several months, I have been debating over lighting for my newly renovated office. I can only envision a chandelier, one that is worthy of looking at for hours, and hopefully inspiring the bright light of inspiration. My search has taken me to different showrooms from NYC to … [Read more...]

Lighting :: Pagoda Lanterns


I have developed an obsession over the past year that positively won't go away (and it doesn't happen to be a boy band). It's the Pagoda Lantern, and we've seen it hanging out everywhere from hallways to closets, and over kitchen islands. Quite frankly I think it brings a level of unexpected … [Read more...]

Design Icons :: The Artichoke Pendant


Over coffee and scones, one of my friends (a transplant from London) and I were discussing (more of a heated debate) over what were some of the most iconic lighting examples to emerge in interior design over the past 50 years. She argued it was the George Nelson "Bubble Lamp" and I picked the … [Read more...]

Lights, Action And Fabulous Ceiling Lights


I'm on the hunt for three new ceiling lights at Casa B. two for the new Master-bath, and one for the guest room. I'd say the exhaustive search has been going on for at least three years or more. Originally I was going to put a Hicks Pendant in the guest room, then the worst thing that could happen … [Read more...]