Dine & Design


I'm writing this post from the comfort of my hotel room, The Paris Las Vegas for the West Coast Art & Frame Show, and what better place to kick off a weekly year long series then in a city that is known for it's love of gastronomical pursuits as well those that border on the outrageous. Living … [Read more...]

A Brand New Year :: 2015


Well...we are just hours away from a brand New Year. At Casa B. it's going to be low key...just family. Maybe we'll stay up and watch the ball drop, or turn in early and be ready for a brand new day and a brand new year. After all it's not the night that is the most important it's what you do with … [Read more...]

Haute Hotels – L’Auberge DelMar


It's travel season once again, fall markets are coming up, and in my case, a much needed trip to California before all the madness begins. I'm sneaking in some girl time, shopping, beach walking and sight seeing (and more shopping). "Work hard, play hard," is motto for the week. Part of girl time … [Read more...]

Why I Think You Should Take A Seat (Or Two)…

Pink Paisley

A few weeks ago I received a press release from a P/R person in Wisconsin introducing Merchanstyle (www.merchanstyle.com), a unique company they thought I may be interested in writing about. Most press releases that come through our inbox are generic, impersonal, and never looked at (needless to say … [Read more...]

Why I Didn’t Post This Week…


I decided not to publish any posts this week, even though my editorial calendar is so full. I did this to spend time with our eight year old daughter- who two years ago came to live with us. We rescued her from a bad situation, hoping that she would eventually be available for adoption. We took her … [Read more...]