HGTV Urban Oasis :: Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the tour with Lindsay Pumpa, HGTV Urban Oasis Interior Designer. Lindsay is a delight, not only was she hand-picked as the Urban Oasis designer, but she has a portfolio of work that is truly stellar ( Based out of Florida she has been the lead on the last three houses. She is engaging, talented and funny. Which was just what I needed after getting caught in a torrential downpour that was taking place outside this sanctuary. While she looked picture perfect, I looked like I had stuck my hand inside one of the Jonathan Adler light fixtures, and the electrical shock went straight to the top of my head. So you’ll notice that there are pictures of me with Lindsay suspiciously missing. I’ll be taking a rain-check on any photo opportunities.

Part 2 is all about the back of the residence, the one that is accessed by walking down a long hallway accentuated by bold horizontal stripes running down its length. An added treat was the custom artwork painted by various Atlanta talent lining the walls. The lucky winner will have their own personal art gallery of sorts housed inside this haven of luxury. Our next stop was the Master-bedroom whose walls are bathed in the richest tones of plum. This space reflected Lindsay’s love of a neutral foundation and layers of sumptuous texture, paired with modern furnishings and sculptural accents. Of course, what Master wouldn’t be complete without a fully equipped wet-bar perfect for cocktails or breakfast in bed all while enjoying the million dollar views. Quiet niches for relaxing, a leather wrapped bed to envelop you in modern comfort or a soothing colour palette all define a room that is designed for luxury living. Off the bedroom is an ensuite bathroom with state of the art fixtures, a Kohler ( shower with automated controls, and a soaking tub (also Kohler) overlooking the vibrant city of Atlanta. I do want to give honourable mention to the state of the art toilet, which was not only a full functioning bidet, but also had lights, a music stream and remote controls. A man’s dream commode wouldn’t you say? From here Lindsay and I made our way to the guest room, the first thing I noticed was the stunning sculptural light from AllModern, and the geometric pattern painted on the wall that skillfully mirrored the pattern of the rug. The painter was genius because it is a unique and eye-catching focal point (if only I knew his name I would totally share). This room is playfully wrapped in sophisticated neutrals and bold pattern, defining city chic. The Oasis was designed to ensure that the lucky winner is indulged and pampered. Like most who have entered, I am hoping that I will be the lucky winner enjoying this residence of sumptuous living complete with signature amenities of the five-star Mandarin Oriental. Yes, I even made sure to get to know the doormen, after all they’ll be seeing me a lot in the future. A girl has to dream, and it might as well be big, right? I want to thank the HGTV Design Team of Lindsay Pumpa, Jack Thommason and Gary McCormick and Kristin Alm from Scripps Networks for being such gracious hosts. Also, special thanks to AllModern (, one of the sponsors who provided all the stunning furnishings and accents that you’ll see here. And lastly don’t forget to enter for a chance to win- visit The giveaway runs through October 10th. P.S. If I don’t win and one of my readers happens to be the “lucky one”, can I at least get invited over for champagne and caviar?

Here is a video I produced highlighting the tour, and more pictures for your viewing pleasure completely uninterrupted and without any of my snazzy graphics…I’ll be adding a bunch of photos to Pinterest later today with tons more images…

For a video tour of the residence click the arrow above…


 Photo courtesy/

I didn’t get a good shot of the entire Master-bedroom so I borrowed an image from HGTV. From the plum coloured walls to the millionaire views this space is designed for your enjoyment and relaxation..


Photo courtesy/ Vicki Gladle Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog

Luxe seating covered in plush lambswool, this space is all about luxury from the luxurious fabrics to the fully equipped wet-bar.


Photo courtesy/ Vicki Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog

The masterbath was huge and stunning. The tan and cream colour palette was the foundation for the basket-weave floor tile and the completely automated steam shower.


Photo courtesy/ Vicki Gladle Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog

A standalone tub, perfect for soaking the day away…


Photo courtesy/ Vicki Gladle Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog

Punchy geometric patterns from the floor to the wall…


 Photo courtesy/ Vicki Gladle Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog

One of my favorite features the Foscarini Allegro Ritmico suspension light with a cool price tag of $5,063. from AllModern.


 Photo courtesy/ Vicki Gladle Bolick- The Ace of Space Blog

Quite a line-up from the horizontal stripes to the stunning pendant lights…

I hope you enjoyed the tour, the pictures simply do not convey how beautiful this residence was…but if you win I suppose you’ll be able to see for yourself.

I’ll be posting more pictures this weekend on a Pinterest Board here:

Check back on Monday to find out about our project with Kohler, it’s going to be gorgeous! Of course we are so excited to be partnering with this leader in the kitchen and bath industry.

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The Great Wall of China :: “Plate-scaping”

Who doesn’t like a great wall-scape, and having one is as hot as a pair of leather Culottes in the world of fashion. In fact, some of the big box retailers sell perfect groupings of collected wall art leaving you to figure out the hard part, how to get them to look exactly the same on your wall. Because if you’re like me, you’ll eye-ball everything and hammer away putting more holes in the wall than a piece of moon rock. If you look behind any picture in our house, you’ll see evidence of my wavering eye. I don’t feel the least bit shy about revealing this because Mr. B. rarely reads my blog. So when I was in California recently, I took a side trip to the Viceroy Hotel and if you love Kelly Werstler (like I do) then it’s a must if you are ever in Santa Monica. I’ll do a whole post about it one day; it’s that good. The one thing that caught my eye, (and I had to see in person) was the plate wall, Kelly had created the mother of all plate displays. It made me want to cover every wall in my home with a grouping of plates to rival her stunning presentation of the porcelain kind. So I did a little research for my readers and found some incredibly inspired combinations. If I had more of my grandmothers flow blue china, you can bet they would be gracing the walls of Casa B. right now, mixed in with a little Hermes,’ hand-thrown and otherwise eclectic group of serving-ware. In fact, look at the work of the most notable designers of our time and you may find that they have done at least one (which is reassuring). I would do anything in the name of design if it looked great and I could incorporate some personal items and a plate wall would give me the perfect opportunity to do so. It’s that over-powering nesting instinct that takes over as you get older-the desire to bring in more of your life and less of the meaningless.

I am always on the hunt for the inspired, and whether you’re a designer or someone in search of the unique and different this idea is for you. As always, my mission is to help others create a stylish, lived-in space with a mix of high and low end. Although, I’m not a DIY’er, I think that there are opportunities to use your creativity, by even incorporating some plates painted with your children’s artwork. The Fashionista painted some canvas’s over the summer that seriously rival some of the artwork I’ve seen offered by artists. At least to this momma’s eye. So here are some plate combinations that I think are truly wall worthy…


Clockwise (L) to (R) Main Image-via, kellywerstler,,,, All proving that an upscale and curated look can be achieved by using plate groupings…and here are a few more that I absolutely thought you should see…



This vertical display visually extends the height of the room, and truly acts as an art display…



I call this the “turtle configuration” and is perfectly symmetrical unified by the similar tones of the plates.


Image/ Viceroy Hotel

The plate presentation by Kelly Werstler that began my obsession…(

I hope you are inspired to try something different when wall-scaping!

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The Comeback Kid Series: Venetian Marble

I’m just days away from renovating our Master-bath, it’s a total gut of a builder grade space. Some re-configuring, tearing down and overall general construction mayhem. Before my blog became a full-time job, I was a designer, and I suppose that’s a hat I’ll never take off. So when the P/R firm for Kohler- (shout out to Josh, Kate & Lauren) contacted me and asked if I would be interested in what has turned out to be a whole master-bath renovation, I jumped at the chance. I think I would have gutted any bath in my house for Kohler. The products are going to be from their luxury bath line, including a custom designed dual vanity, sinks, toilets, faucets, and shower assemblies. The cabinet was delivered this week, and quite frankly it is positively stunning.  We regretfully had to decline a tub. It would have required a crane, and Mr. B. had a hard time putting his game face on for that design adventure. I was totally on board, seriously it’s not as if we live in a suburban high-rise.

There are two things that I am struggling with before I drop the hammer. One is wallpaper in the half-bath, and the other is the tile. You have to really love it right? I have narrowed it to several options, and I think I’m just going to sleep on it over the weekend. The wallpaper in the half-bath is definitely going to be a Venetian Marble pattern. Did you think that was a trend of the past? Well…it came back, and has been hot, hot, HOT in design. Which is why it’s this week’s “Comeback Kid.”

The fine art of Venetian marbled paper has been around for centuries, and in the past it was mostly seen on the book bindings of high-end, antique or vintage books. Fast forward to 2014, and I am still enamored with this unrestrained family of patterns (outside of the bindings found on my treasured collection of 19th century tomes inherited from my grandfather). The swirling motifs have been updated and modernized across the design board, and the motifs can be bold or subtle. An adventurer at heart, I lean more toward the bold and my better half the opposite. What is the saying “go bold or go home?” or go “bold in your home?” I’ll go with the latter. Thankfully, this pattern has reached a point of mass appeal and you’ll soon see why, but the patterns are not for the faint of heart which really makes them the perfect choice for an accent wall or in a small space.

Here are some of the options that I am considering for our half-bath. I have an idea of which one will make the cut…but I’m going to have to keep it a secret (for now)…



An interesting (if not stunning) take on a centuries old technique…



From the Martyn Lawrence Bullard collection…this paper has my mind swirling with possibilities.


 via Nicki Clendening

The perfect example of the impact this stylized pattern can make in a small space. I am positively obsessed with this wallpaper…



Metallic’s are hot this year, and this paper is no exception…


 Fabric by Iera Mazeikaite

This pattern is so reminiscent of Venetian marble, and would be perfect as a window shade…



This paper is fluid and sophisticated…


via West Elm

This pattern is a gutsy choice. The wall tiles can be placed in any direction…

I hope you are inspired to make bold choices….

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