DIY/Gold and Fabulous…

I’m sitting in the breakfast room, with a major case of bed-head, mis-matched P.J.’s and new neighbors. Yup, they moved into the new house next door, and so far I haven’t changed my morning routine at all. In fact, I’m having fun with it…just imagining what they are thinking…Is she a successful writer tapping away on the computer working on her latest best-seller? A stay-at-home mogul who operates her empire from the dining table? A uber-successful day trader in her tattered robe? So until we get shades on the windows, I’m am going to continue to live in a shroud of mystery. Or wait until Mr. B. finds out, and shames me ( into working in my windowless office in our basement…). Is there such a thing as “wife shaming?” I think not.

So while my neighbors are wondering away…I thought I would share some of my fav gold toned DIY stunners. I love a touch of gold, and I’m so thankful that I had a chance to add some to several projects last year…which I’ll share soon.


Gold tipped legs on a simple bedside stand. It would be so easy to replicate and the result would be oh so stylish…


I know that the tacks are silver toned, but I think they would be even more stunning in gold, and  a very easy weekend project.


Now this is a brilliant DIY, it’s as simple as taking a gold sharpie marker creating a design, baking at 350° for 30 minutes and voila


I am obsessed with Campaign Framesso frames, and this is an off the shelf frame with gold leaf tipped corners. Creating an upscale look on a small budget.


Okay, this is a jaw-dropper, it’s a drop cloth cut to resemble the outline of a zebra rug, and then hand stenciled. Brilliant!


This is my favorite DIY, imagine taking a plain bookshelf, spraying it black and then applying gold-leaf to the back. The bookcase featured is actually from Anthropolgie, but it would be so easy to create a similar look.


I can see these grouped in a glass cup as part of a tabletop vignette…so elegant. Dip feathers in gold paint, sprinkle on a little glitter, and let them sparkle.

I’m definitely not a DIY’er, but I thought these were so easy and so fabulous. With a little ingenuity these would be simple to re-create, and so worth the time…

As always don’t forget to visit me on Pinterest for more of my hand-picked favorites…

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