Mongrammed & Magnificiant

Ah…the sweetness of Valentine’s Day, and I just gave up candy for Lent. So, I’m starring at a bag of gummy hearts that my husband bought for our daughter, and starring…Then I wondered, are “Raisinets” considered candy? Because she also recieved a box of those from our neighbor. Hmm…I’ll have to think hard about that one.

I wanted to thank all those who responded to my last post about “How to Hire A Designer,” as Mr. B. stated it was a “ballsy” post, but one that I really felt strongly about. After working in politics for 13 years, I was prepared for an onslaught of outrage. But, it was quite the opposite, many people reached out to me including clients of other designers, one of which told me she felt shamed because she actually fit into two of those categories, and fellow designers who thanked me for putting it “out there.” It was by far my most read post since I started my blog, and I was glad that I was able to address the proverbial “elephant in the room”.

Now on to what I am obsessed with…and that is anything  monogrammed. In fact, after I finish a project, my gift of choice is monogrammed (usually pillows), but I’ve also had decanters, coasters, and even art engraved with the initials of my clients. So it comes as no surprise that when I received the maiden issue of Mark and Graham, I was in monogram heaven…and now there is one more catalog that I am going to add to an ever growing stack of treasured favorites (Yes, when they come out with a show called “Magazine Hoarders” I’m sure Mr. B. will sign me up for the pilot episode).  Here are some of my picks as well as a few other stunners from “The Ace” style files.


This “Typographers Table Runner” is the epitome of rustic sophistication, and I’ve ordered 8 for clients…


Some amazing “Ace Picks” from the Monogrammed log holder, throws, paperweights and mirrored coasters. I love the unique typography which really sets this company apart from the rest.

via the

Here is some monogram inspiration from pillows, to towels, wall art and dishes…all for your viewing pleasure. So have a great weekend…and don’t forget to add a personal touch to your interior…


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