Lights, Action And Fabulous Ceiling Lights

I’m on the hunt for three new ceiling lights at Casa B. two for the new Master-bath, and one for the guest room. I’d say the exhaustive search has been going on for at least three years or more. Originally I was going to put a Hicks Pendant in the guest room, then the worst thing that could happen did. It ended up in just about every home that graced the pages of every shelter magazine that I subscribe to and in numerous photos floating around on the internet. I say that with more than a hint of jealousy and frustration. Of course, that meant the search began again (because the Hicks Light went the way of the Schoolhouse Light, every lucky soul has one). I crave the unique and different. The fun side of me wanted to put a disco ball in the guest room, (the only person that really uses it is my mother-in-law and well…let’s not go there). Tommy Hilfiger gave me the idea when I saw one in his Miami Beach home (he can afford to have a lot of fun), but the practical side of me thinks I should keep up the search. Then I went to HGTV’s Urban Oasis and have been obsessing over the ceiling light from Golden Lighting. At over 2K, it’s going to be a very hard sell to Mr. B. However, there are other contenders and yes I am the type that always thinks something better is going to come along (sound familiar?). My pining for the perfect light explains the gaping hole in the middle of the ceiling in the guest room. Not big enough to swallow my mother-in-law, although she says it is. However, it is a reminder that I need to find the ultimate ceiling light. At the very least before January 2015 when I have to reveal the guest-room in Taylor Burke Home’s “Style It Challenge.” Yes, I’m honoured to say that I was one of the five bloggers chosen to participate, and with One Kings Lane as a partner and some serious talent, I’m feeling just a little pressure. We are (happily) required to use the iconic x-bench in a design, we had to pick a room (the guest room is my top choice), and then we reveal it at the beginning of the year. Of the five of us, they’ll be choosing a winner. I’d like to say “game-on”, but all the bloggers are so nice that I’m just thrilled to be picked. Where’s my competitive spirit? Oh, it’s here, it’s just resting for a bit before the push starts.


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Sculptural lighting is so hot right now, and its obvious why. I would gladly use one of  the”Cloud Ball” lights over the guest bed.


via (

Boca Dolobo has some positively stunning examples of scultural lighting, I dream of the Newton lamp in our guest room. 



The Cassini light would give the right amount of glam to the space.


via (

This stunner is number one on my list of lights for our upcoming Master-bath project which is scheduled to start next week…


via (

Or I may go with brass in the guestroom, who doesn’t love Jonathan Adler?


via Minka Lavery (

This is another option for the Master-bath, it has the right amount of glam and modern sensibility…

Soon, I’ll reveal my final choice…I just have to consult with Mr. B. (just to make him feel part of the process)…Also, we are excited to announce a brand new series starting soon. It’s called “Design Crushin” and we will interview a designer who will reveal their design crush, of whom will be the subject of the next interview and it will be continued indefinitely. It’s going to be fun to reveal each designers crush at the end of each post, and of course I’ll be starting it off with my design crush. I’m waiting to hear back from his P/R person. It’s going to be great fun, and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for more design inspiration…

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The Details :: Moldings & Millwork

It was one of those weeks…I broke my iPhone, our cleaning lady shattered my favorite mirror (that was part of a wall grouping perfected over the years), Mr. B. and the Fashionista baked cookies (I’m trying to get in a pair of jeans from last year, and count the cookies as a very bad thing), and George Clooney got married (even if you don’t think you care lets face it you do). Luckily it’s Monday, and I like to think I’m starting off with a clean slate. So let’s go back to last week, I had a company ask to photograph one room in our home, using some of their products (which are drop dead & fabulous) causing a chain reaction of panic. Because, it’s not finished yet. The room functions as everything except it’s intended purpose which is a guest room. So yesterday I sat on the bed (okay laid on it and took a nap), and contemplated what I could do to make it just a little better. For one thing, I dislike white crown molding, but we have it throughout the house. It’s a safe choice, but in a year of living dangerously, I want something with more impact. When I was working with clients, I had a lot of fun with mouldings. Sometimes I had them painted the same color as the walls (even if they were Indigo Blue and I still dream about that particular room), once had them painted with a Chevron pattern for a young girls room, and on another occasion had the mouldings gilded to match one of the predominant colors in the wallpaper. So then I wondered, what to do with the stark white molding in the guest room? Who came up with the rule that moldings always had to be white? Because in my design book, they don’t. Well I still haven’t decided what to do as dawn breaks on Monday, but while I was sitting on the deck at Casa B. yesterday watching geese land on Greens Pond, I looked at all the possibilities on my iPad Mini (what’s a new iPhone without a coordinating iPad?). In fact, I was shamed into the purchase when the salesperson loudly announced that I had one of the first ones ever made, and made a snarky comment about whether or not it was internet compatible. So I bought a new one, and I’ll say it’s pretty cute with a sassy pink and coral cover.

While I was surfing the net with my new “Mini,” I didn’t quite find what I was looking for, but I did find enough proof to show Mr. B. that people (other than me) actually paint their crown mouldings a different color, and that it wasn’t another of my schemes to pull him away from the TV and football. Yes, unless a large section of the population does it, he won’t budge. I am sadly lacking in the DIY department, including painting anything (including millwork), so I am sadly at his mercy. I thought I would share some pictures that I thought were great examples on how to make your crown mouldings just a little more interesting..






Paint it all with the same hue of paint, and change it up with different sheen’s, it makes for a bold choice.


 Designer/ Phoebe Howard

I am positively obsessed with black mouldings, and Atlanta’s own Phoebe Howard does it so well.


Designer/ Kelly Werstler

Contrasting patterns all made cohesive by using similar colour tones. Of course, black crown mouldings…


An eclectic interior benefits from contrasting mouldings…



I love blue, can you tell? The crown moulding in this boy’s uses a contrasting blue crown moulding to actuate the colour palette.



This hallway is defined by black lines, and the black crown moulding gives the illusion of  lower ceilings serving to make this space a little less austere.

IMG_0010 (1)

Source: Luxe Magazine

A little grey, a little glam…


 Designer/ Vicki Gladle Bolick

From a dining room I did for a former client…the wallpaper is from, and is called Celestial Dragon. The mouldings were handpainted a gilt finish.  The client was all about high drama…

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Painted Floors :: The Sixth Wall

I’m totally obsessed with painted floors. In fact, I have hundreds of photos sitting in a file of floors that have been painted, lacquered and polished. Almost every day I look down at what’s under my feet, and feel inspired. If I could, I would re-do the floors at Casa B. or the very least paint them in a high gloss paint. But, unfortunately, would have to go through the Architectural Review Board in our home that consists of Mr. B. and the pint-sized “Fashionista.” So it probably won’t happen in this house. But, I have Plan B., which is putting painted floor tile on the wall in the Powder Room. Or better yet, buy a second home where I would have “carte blanche” over design decisions (more likely). There are fabulous examples of painted flooring in homes across the globe, some I have had the honour of stepping on (which was difficult because I felt as if I was stepping on a large canvas of one-of-a-kind art). In theory, that is exactly what they were designed to be artwork for your floors. Ceilings are considered the “fifth wall” so it stands to reason that floors should be our “sixth wall.” While I love a fabulous rug underfoot, I also appreciate other options. Some of my favorites have been in Show-homes and some examples, I just filed away after seeing them in one of my beloved shelter magazines or online. My dream interior would include something geometric and eye-catching, layered with a high drama gloss finish…

My obsession first began when I saw a foyer designed by Joel Woodard (a great friend of Celerie Kemble)…and it was simply put-stunning. Although, I’ve never met Joel in person, he and I exchanged e-mails a few years ago about an interior that he designed, and he was ever so gracious with sharing information. He “had me at hello.” There are several things that go far in this industry its talent and charm. In fact, I would go so far as to say that he is quite possibly “a design crush.” Soon he will be featured in a series aptly titled “My Designer Crushes.” Some I’ll be meeting in person, and some sadly will be interviewed by phone and e-mail. So stay tuned. The painted floor he designed was featured in one of Celerie’s books and remains one of my favorites.

If you don’t want to paint your floors, there is another option. Mirth Studios (totally free plug) has painted floor tiles that are positively breath-taking, in an “I’m totally going to rip out my floors and worry about the impact on my marriage later kind-of-way.” They are that spectacular. P.S. I had someone ask me last week if most of my posts are sponsored, and they are not. We do a few, but the majority of the time I’m simply sharing great things, my goal is to inspire others to create beautiful spaces. So why not share the “drop dead in your tracks” product from Mirth Studios? In fact, one of the pictures below is proof…

Next week, starting Monday we will be publishing blog five days a check back often for more design inspiration…




 Photo from Rusty Hinges in Halifax.

Yes, this is a painted floor, and it’s spectacular.


Via Boston Magazine

Even with the absence of a design, this color is perfection.



My latest obsession-painted floor tile. These are from Mirth Studio (



I love the geometric pattern which adds a lot of visual impact to this small space.


RL Goins

I fantasize about this room…


Vicki Gladle Bolick/

From a must stop shop in NYC, Haus Interior (www.hausinterior). I couldn’t get past the painted floor…


Designer/ Joel Woodard-Photo/ Peter Margonelli

This geometric pattern was the brainchild of the uber talented-Joel Woodard for the Kips Bay Showhouse.



This space has it all, style, amazing cabinetry AND painted floors…


Photographer/ Solvi dos Santos

If only I could paint the floors in my daughters room…


Designer/ Mary McDonald

If you doubted the impact that painted floors can have…all you need to do is look at the design by Mary McDonald.

Have a fabulous weekend, and until Monday…



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