The Comeback Kid Series:: Olive Green & Orange (Together Again)…

Well, if you read my last post then you know that we were having a design battle with Polka Dots, and after living with them (THE DOTS) on my daughter’s bed for two days, she decided they had to go. Well…they now reside in a closet, and neither Mr. B. or myself have shed a tear. In fact, it took all my self-control not to do “the happy dance” on the street in front of our house. So now that we have solved another design dilemma, we are on to the next. Because as most battles go there is always going to be another, and our house is no exception. Yes, we took it to a tile and stone showroom. Why? Because we are totally gutting our master-bath in the next month. So when Mr. B. came home early one day (this never happens) and surprised me with “Hey, you want to go and pick out tile?” I knew that another battle Royale on the design horizon. I’ll save that entire story for next week including the ending because it deserves its own post. Plus, I have been dying to showcase all the gorgeous products that Kohler gave us including a custom designed dual vanity (that is simply jaw-droppingly gorgeous).

The design saga continues next week. So what is the subject of this weeks “Comeback Kid?” It’s a color, or two. Yes, a resurgence of the 60’s inspired color scheme, “olive green & orange.” A totally hip throwback to an era where we saw the world of June Cleaver morph into the Brady Bunch complete with short skirts and go-go boots. Where the Beatle’s were the shaggy-haired cause of teenage angst, proportions the world had not yet seen…Yes, it was an era of free love, box-shaped box-shaped PVC dresses and an emergence of unexpected color pairings. One of which is olive green and orange. It’s cool or hip, classic, or mid-century modern, and I think we are going to see more of this “Comeback” trend in 2015. Of course, one of my favorites is from my go-to paint company. I think I’d like this palette with Martini Olive “shaken and not stirred.”



One of my favorite color pairings is from Benjamin Moore, as accent walls or pillows…


 via retco renovation

Orange leather, and green velvet…a brilliant combo. With the charcoal walls it all works so well together. What makes it successful besides the designer behind it? It’s the fact that they found a fabric that ties it all in together…


 If anyone knows the photo credit to this room or the designer please let me know. I rarely include photos without either, but it truly defines 60’s design with a more current twist. Complete with a green and orange color scheme.



This first thing I noticed were the twin chinoserie tables, of course the second was the green chairs. This room design gives new meaning to “traditional with a twist.”


Designer/ Ann Lowengart

Now this makes me fall in love with green & orange. This designer added just the right amount of contrast with orange artwork…and who doesn’t love a little leopard? As my readers are my witness, this talent is going to be the subject of  “The Ace Around Town.” I just haven’t asked yet…


Designer/ Ann Lowengart

Pattern in scrumptious layer upon layer. Then throw in a little green and orange and POP!


via BH&G

This vibrant green wallpaper makes a large impact in a small space…add a little orange punch and you have a successful pairing.



This looks like a study in art instead of an actual home. It takes olive green and orange to another sophisticated level. I love the curated feel of these spaces (they actually looked lived in).

I hope you are inspired to get out of neutral and fast forward to color. Starting today we are now posting five days a week, and we’ll be back this week with the wildly successful series “The Ace Around Town-Southern Tastemakers.” Next up is Julie Couch, and you won’t want to miss it.

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 Until tomorrow (I can finally say that)…



Heavenly Headboards

I have been saving pics of headboards since they invented the scissors, (okay maybe that’s a slight exaggeration). My decades long collection of dog-eared pages includes anything that is unique, creative and inspired. Let’s face it, upholstered headboards are a design staple, yet there are so many other options available to those of us who crave something a little more stylish on which to rest our weary heads. Committing to furniture is a lot like dating because you’ll more than likely be married to it for a long time. So if you want some sage advice you better love it.

Photo-Bolick Interiors/Bee, Atlanta, GA

This is from an adorable shop in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, they had some really eye-catching vignettes, and I was really captivated by this one. I loved the inspired layering of fabric behind the upholstered headboard, and the pink blown glass chandelier was beyond fabulous. I’ve been dreaming about it since I left the store, and trust me there is a good chance that you’ll be seeing it again in an upcoming project.

Photo-Vicki Bolick/Designer-Jimmy Stanton, Stanton Home Furnishings, Foxhall

Yes, this interior is by one of my fav ATL designers, Jimmy Stanton. He did a show-house last year at Foxhall, an equestrian community which I had the pleasure of visiting. The industrial vibe of this space gets an additional injection of style from the Chevron rug, and don’t you just love the floating headboards made from planks of wood?

Photo-Aiden Gray

I am completely “over the moon” about this room. My personal style leans more toward modern eclecticism, but I could totally see a room in my home designed with this “big easy style.” The use of shutters as a headboard creates that old world charm synonymous with New Orleans, and seriously the linens look beyond comfy. I really hope this isn’t the guest room, because I have a strong suspicion that people would over stay their welcome (I know I sure would).

Pamplemousee Designs

What’s not to love about this room? From the inset panels with the fab sconce (which is a brilliant idea by the way), to the bookcases flanking the bed. This room is an elegant, sophisticated oasis of style.

Tracery Interiors, Ays Beach Project

This design firm does such amazing work that I’d feel selfish if I didn’t share. The simple grouping of framed pics behind the St. Patty’s day green headboard creates a unique focal point. Sometimes a little bit of style goes a long way…

Via-Apartment Therapy

This room sure makes my blue eyes brown. The melding of styles creates a restful haven from the Federal Style Mirror to the modern lacquered bed-stands. The simple wall frame creates the illusion of grandeur…and if you have someone like Mr. B. who is handy around the home, this would be so easy to re-create.

via Pinterest

This mirrored headboard takes this room from pretty to perfection, and it’s just the pure definition of  “Shabby Chicness”.

 Courtesy Bolick Interiors

This was all about fusing modern with more transitional sensibilities, the wooden headboard connects the two queen size beds creating the illusion of one bed (which also works well with twin beds). The white and brown palette is gender neutral with some slight feminizing through the addition of striped curtains, combining the taste of both clients. Happy clients=happy designer, and at the end of the day that means we did our job.

Now that Spring is here, I hope you’ll take some time to rearrange, rethink, and refresh.

“The bed has become a place of luxury to me! I would not exchange it for all the thrones in the world.”-Napoleon Bonaparte

Be amazing!

Vicki “The Ace of Space”

Bolick Interiors, LLC