Just As Good On The Inside…(Indoor/Outdoor Furniture)


Summer is here!!! With the scorching heat of the southern sun- comes the pool and neighborhood kids running rampant through our home (Yes, we are the house). Apparently, kids come to our door in flocks because we have great snacks, and as of last week we bought a machine that makes custom sodas. … [Read more...]

My Life In Watercolour


Ah...a week without snow, and I'm not sure I'm really ready. Truth be told, I actually like the white stuff. Since I'm from Upstate NY (near Canada, not NYC), I start wearing sweaters in August and I'm really not ready to put them away until maybe April. That's how my internal clock works. Yes, this … [Read more...]

Asian Flair-What I Worked on in 2013!


It's 2014. Finally. I was so ready for a new year, new start. With a new year comes new projects, new adventures, and  a new look for my blog. I'm excited about 2014 and all the possibilities coming my way. Truth be told I didn't work on a lot of design projects last year. I took the year off to … [Read more...]

A Walk Down Memory Lane…


I was off the radar for the past week, and it was due to the fact that the Fashionista returned to school, and in turn came back to Casa B. with every conceivable germ known to child kind. That translates to a very sick "Ace of Space" who couldn't even lift a finger to type one pathetic letter on my … [Read more...]