Baths That Make A Splash

What a very long day…the one thing “Wonder Woman” and I definitely have in common is the name. When I got up today and thought of all the things I had to accomplish, I hid underneath the covers until the snooze button went off 6 times. In all honesty, I would absolutely love to hire someone to just run around town and do client “pick up’s,” that’s it. Unfortunately, that only happens in the reality TV world of “Million Dollar Decorators.” I would rather do my own laundry, clean my own house and make dinner then to plan out the logistics of picking up lighting, accessories, drapery, pillows, and sometimes upholstered items on one trip. Then I face the Olympic size task of squeezing it all in my car (wish I had a moving van) before heading back to the office. But, I did it, and if I could reach around and pat myself on the back I would do it, even my poor feet hurt, and I had on my brand new Tory Burch flats in very comfortable, very soft tumbled leather (a gift to myself because Mr. B. watched football one entire weekend and I had some downtime, total score).

One project I am tackling this year is the bathroom, and something you won’t see is a standard aluminum shower door, or even a frame-less assembly. I am going one step beyond the “design standard” and doing a shower frame in iron, my personal prediction is that this trend is going to be “on fire” in the next several years, (and you heard it here first). Our master-bath is going to be fabulous, and if all goes according to plan it should be done in 2013. I am so obsessed with this look that I am attempting it in our Master Bath  (also known as the “design experiment”).  Mr. B is totally on board, but there was a trade off, he gets a golf cart and I get a bathroom. Well played, very well played…

Once a week I’ll feature a floral arrangement by my six year old designer-in-training, she picked out the flowers, arranged them and chose a vase…this week she chose white and red tipped roses from the supermarket because the colours “were really pretty together”, and the vase “because it needed some sparkle.”

Here are some of my favorite steel shower door enclosures….and they are all just stunners….


I do want to give special mention the the qua-trefoil detail over the window…





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I’m Feeling Blue-(Cobalt that is)…

Now that the election is over, it’s time to get back down to business. I’ll be honest I was glued to the news for most of the day yesterday…regardless of who you voted for it’s time for our country to heal-starting today. Enough said. In a way…the old red, white and blue was the inspiration behind my post. Blue specifically..the deep rich, “paint it in my study” kind, the colour that has been inspiring designers such as Ralph Lauren for decades, and happens to be Pantone’s Colour for 2013-Monaco Blue. In fact, I sent my little fashionista to school today dressed in a Ralph Lauren Tartan plaid shirt and Cobalt Blue leggings, that is how committed I am to using blue. Because I’m pretty sure Mr. B. isn’t even going to let me add a pillow to the sofa, so why not inject a little of 2013’s trend colour into my daughter’s wardrobe? A small consolation, but I have used blue in the past, in a client’s basement (for that “Country Club” vibe), and in a Powder Room with some really stunning Osbourne and Little wallpaper (www.osbourneandlittle), a crystal chandelier and a Venetian Mirror. I still daydream about that room, but unfortunately 10 years ago, taking pictures of my work was the last thing from my mind. Now I wish I had at least one snapshot…and I might just have to replicate it very soon. Because one of my client’s told me today that she is going to let us re-do her powder room and she adores blue, which gives me a great opportunity to push the design envelope again, (all with her blessing of course).

Now from the style files comes some really fabulous bluesy interiors, and a close up of a custom headboard I did for a client last year…in a deep blue with pops of gold….

A little slice of blue heaven in this custom headboard with the gold accents….

Designer/Miles Redd

I have to admit I have been a huge fan of Miles Redd, not because he hails from Atlanta, but because he creates the most dramatic and visually stunning interiors that my baby blues have ever laid eyes on. This space is no exception, the deep blue lacquered walls, the black and white tiled floors and the red accents create the perfect fusion of colour in this NYC foyer.

From Elle Decor

This space is full of inspiration, and is a lesson in layering. The rug reminds me of a oversized crocheted doily (in a good way), and the mix of modern pieces with more relaxed furnishings creates a cozy and eclectic space. All while using a colour palette of deep blues.

via Rue Magazine

I love the layering of blues in this space, and the fact that they brought in a deeper cobalt in the artwork, although I’ll say the subject choice is…interesting. The real standout is the knotted drapery…just luscious.

via House Beautiful

I have loved this photo for so long that it’s dog-eared and faded, but it’s still pinned to my inspiration board (barely hanging by a thread)…I.LOVE.THE.FOXED.MIRRORS. In fact, a room with mirrors, cobalt and white is simply stunning.

(L)-Joel Bray, (R) Stella McCartney

From the runway to home interiors, Cobalt is making it’s regal presence known…

An ad from Ralph Lauren, using a bit of darker blue. A special mention goes out to the patina on the distressed walls….L.O.V.E.

via Ralph Lauren Home

 I’m a “little or a lot” kind of girl, there is no happy medium as far as I’m concerned. Which is why I love this little table vignette…perfection. Adding a little touch of trend colour will bring in some pizazz…

So here’s to a new start…

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Pretty in Pink

I decided rather than clean the house (because I am having a friend over in the morning for coffee) that I would finish this post about a new favorite colour of mine. Writing is certainly alot more important than cleaning the house, or washing the windows on the front door that will have nose prints on it within minutes from Miss Maggie. Nope, that cunning canine can’t stand a respectable two inches from the window and look out, but has to stick her nose right on the glass. My neighbors think it’s adorable, me…hmmm… not so much.

So in all honesty, I’d rather write about pink- the pretty, frothy and flirty colour that is mostly associated with nurseries. Pink is definitely not for baby girls anymore. Paired with more vibrant shades it can be one of the most sophisticated colour pairings since the design world merged lime green with turquoise (one of my all time fav’s). Speaking of which, I am doing right now on a project..a sneak peek to come soon. So I traveled across the world (unfortunately via magazines) right from my own home to find some amazing rooms…which I hope will inspire you to rethink pink.

Now who doesn’t just love this pillowy pile of peonies? Which is also the inspiration behind this post…

From House Beautiful, the frothy pink walls are just to-die-for, and they happen to be the perfect partner for the darker furnishings.

Picture via Katerine Rainey

This bedroom is just plain cotton candy confection, and I absolutely love the spot on use of pink and white…all done right.

This bathroom has been in my inspiration file forever because I am absolutely hands-down crazy in love with the bathtub, and of course an honorable mention goes to the Carrera Marble (which will be lining the walls of my master bath…someday).

Designer-Barry Dixon

This room is so stylish from the bucket chairs to the built-in settees flanking the fireplace. A brizilliant idea is the fact that the designer wallpapered the alcoves, which gives the room the perfect design punch, and of course the addition of the bric-a-brac pillows is the “cherry on top”.

Designer-Anne Hepfer/Photo-Virginia MacDonald

This living room is just pink perfection all wrapped up in a grey bow….


Imagine moi´ 15 years ago, single, with a place that just says I am loving life (don’t get me wrong I love life even more now that I’m married to Mr. B.), and I have this rockin’ pad that is just totally flirty, fashionable and fun. It would look a lot like this without a big screen T.V. anywhere in sight!

Courtesy Bolick Interiors/Vicki Bolick

The inspiration behind this room was an amazing young girl who loved pink and green, and a mother who wanted a space that she could grow into for years to come…It was definitely a fun project for one of the coolest clients ever!

I hope you are inspired to “rethink pink” and in the words of the iconic Audrey Hepburn who once said…

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner…I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls, I believe that tommorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.”