Yellow with a Twist

My road is sure paved with good intentions. I have been sitting on this half finished post for about a week now, and everytime I went to finish it life simply got in the way. Plus, I am sitting on some big news that I just can’t share right now, but I hope to soon. I promise…so please keep your fingers crossed for us (and say a few prayers).

It’s been a crazy busy month on the work front. I went to an event at the W Hotel for Bloggers to see a few residences designed by some of the ATL elite such as William Peace, Barbara Westbrook and Susan Ferrier. It was a fun night, but I have to admit I didn’t get an opportunity to see all the rooms because I hung out with the fun people from Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams for most of the evening. In fact, last week I went to the showroom and had a “Lunch and Learn” with a few of my designer peeps. Since I put the period on the last sentence I’m back and not only did I have an amazing lunch (did I mention they served up the best cupcakes that my tastebuds have ever had the pleasure of meeting, pilled high with the most delice icing), but they gave us a preview of their product line, and the new additions did not disappoint. So if you get a chance take a gander over to their online catalog If you follow my blog you know that I absolutely adore Mitchell Gold, and in my humble opinion they are one of the most cutting edge furnishings companies out there to date. So in the next month or so, I’ll post some of my fav pieces from my visit.

This is the Hickory, North Carolina home of Bob Williams, of course designed by Bob Williams, with a touch of yellow…

Last week when I was sourcing for a client I stopped by “Pieces” in the ATL, and I want you all to know that I have fallen deeply in love with yellow (Sorry Mr. B)! Not just any yellow, but that lemony, sunny colour that makes you just want to smile. It’s everywhere this year, and it just shouts Spring is here!

Photo-Vicki Bolick/Courtesy of Pieces

I LOVE this vignette of creamy whites, and vibrant yellows. It’s just the right amount of “sunny.” Adding some spring colour would be so easy, find some inexpensive “pieces” at a used furniture store, grab a can of spray paint and voila´ …

Photo/Vicki Bolick-Courtesy of Pieces

 This is certainly not your average rocking chair, but a totally hip, mid-century modern version covered in a fabric that reminds me of a tall cool glass of lemonade.

Photo-Better Homes & Garden

One of my fav colour pairings is grey and yellow, and this room from BH&G has just the right amount of happy from the photo mats to the throw pillows.

Photo-Michael Graydon/Designer-Victoria Webster

This room is just so bright and playful from the box pleated valances to the stylized wall covering all balanced by the grey sofa and the addition of ocean blue. A little sun, a little sea=a successful pairing. Plus I love the contrast of patterns, and the spot on layering of colour…

Courtesy Bolick Interiors/Photo Melissa Crain

This was a room I did for Decatur Living Magazine, showcasing small budget design. It was elegance for under a $1000.00. The walls were a very soft buttery yellow, and the drapery panels were in a graphic trellis pattern made from a fabric by Laurie Smith of “Trading Spaces” fame (I so miss her fabric line). This room was a pass through to a Master Bedroom so I made it into a sitting room/guest room perfect for reading and relaxing. The slipcovered chair was actually a “twin bed” in disguise, and from IKEA no less.

Photo-Stacey Brandford/Designer-Emily Norris

This bathroom is just beyond fab from the “Deco” mirrors a la Pottery Barn to the glass tile from Waterworks, proof positive that you can successfully pair high end with mid-range products. This photo is courtesy of my office inspiration board titled “Someday.” Which means someday this will be in my dream house…

Photo-Renovation Style

This room is packed with style, from the chairs to the rug to the wall paper. I also love to experiment with patterns, and everything in this space just works so well together. Sometimes it pays not to play it safe!

I hope you are feeling inspired to add a punch of colour to your space, and that your world is filled with sunshine. I’ll be back to posting on a regular basis after what was a very short break so check back often for a little inspiration…Next week I was invited to attend a press event for a well known spanish tile company which I will be blogging about. I am so excited to have been given this opportunity and beyond honoured to be attending. I can’t wait to share all the excitement with you!

How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.” -Vincent VanGogh

Be amazing…

Vicki “The Ace of Space”

Bolick Interiors, LLC

“The Look” It’s all about Mirrors…

There are two things in my home that you will see a lot of, candles and mirrors. The latter has absolutely nothing to do with vanity, in fact on any given day I’m lucky if I have a chance to get out of my P.J.’s before 5PM. Because if I’m not out sourcing for clients I am at home on the phone “taking care of business”. Bottom line it’s the way most designers roll. When I used to work for a well known purveyor of all things beautiful in the ATL years ago, a uber talented and well known designer came in with her entourage, in her P.J.’s and long sweater jacket. At that moment, I knew that I could definitely work that look, and I have, to the mailbox, down the street, to the drive thru and once right into my fav boutique. I just haven’t gone out in public with Mr. B. in my “P.J. Chic”…yet.

So, mirrors are definitely not for vanity at our house, but used to reflect light, add some sparkle, architectural interest, or to create impact. Here are some of my favorite mirrors, inside some of the most amazing spaces, and if I can figure out my new camera I might even share some pics from inside Casa B.

© Bolick Interiors, LLC

This is my very first photo from Casa B. with the new camera (Yes, I just took a huge bow). I have a pair of these flanking the pantry doors, and it not only adds some much needed light, but it also provides some interest. The mirror has always reminded me of the face of a flower, originally it was gold, and I fauxed it silver, and sprayed the bracket cream.

Also, welcome to my new series The Ace of Space’s “The Look”, I am taking some of my favorite interiors, picking out one statement piece, and then translating it for you into something that you can easily purchase (I know how nice is that?)…this is featured  on Mondays. So hopefully you’ll be inspired to get “The Look.”

Photo/ Via Pinterest

This trio adds the right amount of architectural interest to the wall…

Get a similar look by ordering the “Garden District Mirrors” from Ballard Designs ( unfortunately, they only come in sets of 2 for $229.00, but maybe you could split the 2nd set with a friend. P.S. They only come in white…but if you’re handy they would be fun lacquered in a really fun spring color.

Designer Wende Cragg/ SF Decorators Showhouse

I love this interior, a little rustic and a lot modern. Plus the tiny little stool with the steer horn legs is totally fab.

This rustic standout would work just as well, from but you might be able to order one from

 Photo by Michael Graydon

Ah…”Rhapsody in Blue” I know blue is my fav colour but even if it wasn’t, I would still love this room. The “Faux Bois”  rug together with the links wallpaper are the perfect marriage.

The detail on this “Coopers Classic Mirror” is simply amazing..only $259.91 (seriously who comes up with the pricing there?) at

 Photo by Michael Graydon

This room with Spanish flair gets its impact from the arched mirrors.

This stunner is practically the twin of the one above in the interior by Mr. Graydon. This “Casbah Weathered Mirror” is from and retails for $183.95.

This room is by my fav Canadian export who is rumored to soon be back on U.S. television, none other than Sarah Richardson, who created this elegant hallway and made it seem even more spacious by adding a leaning mirror.

You can get the same impact with this statement piece from Ballard Designs, the “Bella Mirror” retails for $369.00.

I am so infatuated with this room, and it was on the “Hall of Fame” wall in my office. Which pretty much says it all…and the mirror…well….if only I had a wall big enough.

This “Antique White Mirror” is from Horchow and is a steal at $549.00. In fact, has some of the best selection of mirrors outside of the designer sources that only we have access to (a little shameless plug on the benefits of hiring a designer).

Designer/Bryan Batt-Photgrapher/Kerri McCafferty

This room is big on style from the chandelier to the mirror anchoring the  grouping of plates.

This “Silver Rapture Mirror” is from and would create a similar feel at $625.00.

It was pretty difficult to edit this post because of my mirror infatuation, so I hope you enjoyed the first of many in “The Look” series, only on Mondays.

There are two ways to spread happiness; either be the light who shines it, or be the mirror who reflects it.-Edith Wharton

Be amazing…

Vicki “The Ace of Space”

Bolick Interiors, LLC