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We just got back from our last vacation of the summer, and like most migratory Atlantan’s we went to the beach. Yes, I braved getting sand in my shoes, and salt water in my hair just to get a little R&R. In all honesty, I love the sea…some little known facts about “The Ace,” I am a coast guard certified Sailor, I can drive a boat up to 48,’ (at least that’s the largest I’ve ever driven), I can snorkel for hours-at least until someone yells “dinner,” I can paddle-board, windsurf, and at times enjoy simply floating on the water on a rubber dingy. I grew up surrounded by water, and snow. The best of both worlds really. So on to Seaside, Florida. A much touted master-planned community by Andres Duwany, who also designed the community I live in. Although, it’s fairly close and only a six hour drive, I never like to vacation where you see the same people, and Atlantan’s flock there in droves. Not a bad thing, but it certainly causes you to make sure that every hair is in place (at least underneath a fashionable straw fedora), lipstick is on, and your shoes come from Burch, Choo or Spade (sounds like a coastal law firm). As someone who likes to travel incognito, and wear snorkel flippers pretty much everywhere, it becomes a bit of a challenge.  So after much coaxing from Mr. B., we went. I found it charming, and not quite as frenetic as I imagined. The first thing I did? Visit the shoppes, snap a few for my readers, and find a secluded area of the beach where The Fashionista and I could snorkel uninterrupted by the crowds until chow time.

I know much has been written about Seaside- so I don’t want to go down that same path to coastal chic. Over the past month I have been saving some pictures of interiors that are fresh, and less published (hopefully). Now that we are looking at a vacation property on the beach, I have been looking at inspiration everywhere, and wanted to share some of my very favorites, and a few that I captured on vacation…Now for the announcement- since Summer is all but over, we’ll be posting three times a week starting next week, and in September we will be bringing you “The Ace” five days a week! Including a new section “Entertaining with The Ace,” which will focus on dining, tables-capes & restaurants we visit…I look forward to bringing you tons of inspiration from the world of dining, and share some entertaining tips from some amazing talent…so check back often.


 Design/ RR Interiors

This design is for the Lark Hotel. Of which, should be on everyone’s bucket list. The perfect example of how not to look like a hotel, and more like a coastal retreat. The pattern mix is simply refreshing.


Designer/ Miles Redd

Stripes for miles in a sea of blue. The palm relief that is repeated on the wall is design genius at it’s finest.


Photo/ Vicki Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog

I love wall treatments, and a simple “1×2″ board repeated on a wall is classic. From Pizitz.


Photo/ Vicki Gladle

From Pizitz at Seaside. I thought these vignettes were the antithesis of the simple charm found in this coastal town…


Designer/ Jamie Moore

The architectural detail in this space is utilized to perfection, and the furnishings are the perfect accompaniment…


Photo/ Vicki

Who doesn’t love a quiet corner? Photographed at Pizitz in Seaside, Florida


Photo/ Vicki Gladle

Whoever styled the shelves in this store has a seriously talented “design eye.” As we all know bookshelf styling is an artform.



This dining space is from the Utah Parade of Homes, although Utah is not a coastal space, this dining room pays homage to seaside style from the natural grass rug to the Capiz shell chandelier.

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I’m Feeling Blue-(Cobalt that is)…

Now that the election is over, it’s time to get back down to business. I’ll be honest I was glued to the news for most of the day yesterday…regardless of who you voted for it’s time for our country to heal-starting today. Enough said. In a way…the old red, white and blue was the inspiration behind my post. Blue specifically..the deep rich, “paint it in my study” kind, the colour that has been inspiring designers such as Ralph Lauren for decades, and happens to be Pantone’s Colour for 2013-Monaco Blue. In fact, I sent my little fashionista to school today dressed in a Ralph Lauren Tartan plaid shirt and Cobalt Blue leggings, that is how committed I am to using blue. Because I’m pretty sure Mr. B. isn’t even going to let me add a pillow to the sofa, so why not inject a little of 2013’s trend colour into my daughter’s wardrobe? A small consolation, but I have used blue in the past, in a client’s basement (for that “Country Club” vibe), and in a Powder Room with some really stunning Osbourne and Little wallpaper (www.osbourneandlittle), a crystal chandelier and a Venetian Mirror. I still daydream about that room, but unfortunately 10 years ago, taking pictures of my work was the last thing from my mind. Now I wish I had at least one snapshot…and I might just have to replicate it very soon. Because one of my client’s told me today that she is going to let us re-do her powder room and she adores blue, which gives me a great opportunity to push the design envelope again, (all with her blessing of course).

Now from the style files comes some really fabulous bluesy interiors, and a close up of a custom headboard I did for a client last year…in a deep blue with pops of gold….

A little slice of blue heaven in this custom headboard with the gold accents….

Designer/Miles Redd

I have to admit I have been a huge fan of Miles Redd, not because he hails from Atlanta, but because he creates the most dramatic and visually stunning interiors that my baby blues have ever laid eyes on. This space is no exception, the deep blue lacquered walls, the black and white tiled floors and the red accents create the perfect fusion of colour in this NYC foyer.

From Elle Decor

This space is full of inspiration, and is a lesson in layering. The rug reminds me of a oversized crocheted doily (in a good way), and the mix of modern pieces with more relaxed furnishings creates a cozy and eclectic space. All while using a colour palette of deep blues.

via Rue Magazine

I love the layering of blues in this space, and the fact that they brought in a deeper cobalt in the artwork, although I’ll say the subject choice is…interesting. The real standout is the knotted drapery…just luscious.

via House Beautiful

I have loved this photo for so long that it’s dog-eared and faded, but it’s still pinned to my inspiration board (barely hanging by a thread)…I.LOVE.THE.FOXED.MIRRORS. In fact, a room with mirrors, cobalt and white is simply stunning.

(L)-Joel Bray, (R) Stella McCartney

From the runway to home interiors, Cobalt is making it’s regal presence known…

An ad from Ralph Lauren, using a bit of darker blue. A special mention goes out to the patina on the distressed walls….L.O.V.E.

via Ralph Lauren Home

 I’m a “little or a lot” kind of girl, there is no happy medium as far as I’m concerned. Which is why I love this little table vignette…perfection. Adding a little touch of trend colour will bring in some pizazz…

So here’s to a new start…

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The Colour Inspiration Series-“Birds of A Feather”

This has to be the craziest, busiest time of year for us…orders to be processed for delivery before Christmas, and I think we have a great chance of pulling off some miracles before Santa comes to town. Which means the inevitable holiday invites to the swanky residences of several favorite clients. Maybe even a present or two under the tree? Anyway, a girl can dream right? P.S. I even have my cocktail attire picked out just in case….the LBD, some sparkle and my one and only pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, the “Fifi 100″ pumps. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t buy them, they were an unbelievably generous birthday gift from a close college pal, residing in Stockholm ($$$), who sent me a pair after I mentioned that they were on my “Bucket List of Things I Dream of”, and something that Mr. B would never let me buy in a gazillion years… (I am still gravitating between shock and unadulterated joy over this amazing gift).

So many sleepless night follow the design phase of most of my projects, and don’t even get me started on fabrics, because instead of counting sheep at night I am counting pattern repeats. The good news, busy=the best dieting strategy that a girl could ask for. Lifting fabric bolts instead of weights, running up and down flights of stairs for cardio. Not to mention what moving furniture does for the pecs.

And so goes the life of a designer, the good, the bad and the advantages of hard work. Since I have been also living and breathing colour palettes this week, why not share a little inspiration garnered from a visit to a animal sanctuary last month outside Charlotte, N.C. This avarian paradise housed the most amazing collection of nature’s fine feathered friends…

 From the lustrous, vibrant plumes of a peacock…

…to my custom designed colour palette…for those of you who may be wondering how my palettes work, the dominant colours would anchor a space, and the colours on the side bars can be used as accents in accessories, pillows or artwork…

Interior Designer/ Miles Redd

This vibrant space by Miles, who originally hails from the ATL, is a perfect example of using contrasting colours to create a unique space that just packs a powerful design punch. Fabulous!


 Now this interior is strutting some serious “peacock,” and the chandelier is simply a stunner…

Interior Designer/Katie Ridder

The contrasting blue and greens in this dining room sizzle with the addition of red, and the result is absolutely spectacular.

Courtesy Bolick Interiors, LLC

This is from my own portfolio, and was certainly a great opportunity to push the colour envelope….

via Apartment Therapy

I love the colourful sophistication of this space….if only I could get my hands on the pillows and vases because I have the perfect spot at Casa B.


Love, love, love….enough said.

Designer/Steven Gambrel

This contemporary take on the traditional is bold, and so very stylish. It also proves that you don’t need a lot of colour to create impact (for those of you who are “colour shy”.)

“In choosing colors…follow natures lead.”-John Sladino