The Ace of Space “Picks” for 2012

Once again it’s Friday, I’m exhausted (Whew!). We have some big projects that we are working on, and I’m very close to placing the orders, just in time for some holiday installations (Merry Christmas from moi´). Since we have been knee-deep in some really fab projects I’ve been a frequent fixture in some local show rooms, and since I consider my design style “timeless”, there are some trends that I’d like to “kick to the curb” with my beloved Jimmy Choo pumps (of which I think everyone deserves at least one pair, because they make you feel absolutely fabulous). Of course, there are others that I’d like to see more of, so here are my “Top 8” for infinity and beyond…

1) “Out” with the fluffy, overdone window treatments and “In” with tailored drapery with patterned fabric tape, or banding. Seriously, I have seen some window treatments that would make make even Scarlett O’Hare think twice…

Simple and elegant which=a fierce combination.

2) Re-thinking the heavy industrial look, and updating it with more refined styles. I’d rather see pieces that can withstand the test of time, and are a worthy investment for my clients. I can recall a “Big Box” store that sold 3K+ Reproduction Factory Carts, and of course not really sure that is a great value for your money, not to mention the fact that in a few more years when you are absolutely over the look, you are still stuck with a 3K factory cart. Don’t get me wrong if you can get a knock off or original for a reasonable amount of “dinero”, than by all means. On the other hand a classic design will be something that you can live with for a very, very, long time….

Designer/Linda Reeves

This is what I would consider “Refined Industrial.”

3) My Colour Pick for 2013-Is Grey, grey and more grey…it’s the most versatile neutral out there, and it’s what I call the “colour chameleon”, simply because the shade changes throughout the day and picks up hues from what surrounds it….It will always be my one and only “first colour love”.

House Beautiful

Grey is soothing, classic and the best colour backdrop out there, and without a doubt is here to stay…

4) Overdone Bookcases-My absolute pet-peeve…Edit…Edit…Edit…Also, covering books with plain paper…it’s a great styling technique for magazines, but if you read your books why hide the covers? (Unless of course you actually have something to hide)…in other words live in your house, show your personality and surround yourself with things that you love.

A carefully curated collection…(not to mention the collection of coral is just utterly fabulous).

5) Incorporating some innovations from the world of tile and moving from standard subway tiles (although, they will always be a classic-just mix it up a bit) to some of the newer products, there are so many innovations in tile, and if done right, you will love it today, tomorrow and 10 years from now.

 I love Sabine Hill tile and when I saw them at the “Coverings 2012 Show” I practically pushed everyone out of my way to get a closer peek…and it was so worth it…

6) Granite….um…..I’m going out on the proverbial design limb here, but the progress made in Ceasarstone and Silestone has totally made me re-think products that I normally would have run far, far away from. I just completed a bar area and laundry room using Silestone, and they are totally fab (and my client agrees). The product has totally evolved and so have I.


7) Trends are just that…trends….and stay away…far away…if you want to incorporate a new colour, or pillows to refresh your space, by all means do so. But please do not commit your $$$ to something that is going to change in a year, just like your wardrobe add a few pieces, but don’t break the bank trying to incorporate the latest and greatest into your space. In the words of Thomas Britt, a world-renowned designer, “My living room has been the same for 40 years. The walls are aubergine, the floors are black, and all the furniture is blue satin. When you get it right, leave it!” -Thomas Britt. Enough said….


Totally timeless…and utterly classic.

8) Faux wall treatments…most specifically Venetian Plaster, I’ve had more clients ask me how they can get it off the wall, well you don’t without a lot of sanding, in some cases new drywall, but to change it is an expense that you’ll wish you never had, and could actually cost you an entire vacation to remove….Don’t get me wrong there are so many fab faux wall treatments and innovative stencils out there that you will love as much today as you will 10 years from now. Which is exactly my point…give any significant changes to your walls a great deal of thought…because if it can’t be easily painted over don’t do it

Designer/ Kelly Werstler

I love the soft “evolved over time” look to the faux painted walls…and it’s aged perfection will be just as divine in the years to come…

In the words, of design icon Albert Hadley, who sadly passed this year…

Decoration is really about creating a quality of life, and a beauty in that life that nourishes the soul, that makes life beautiful. That’s what all this about, not just what’s in and what’s out.” -Albert Hadley


  1. I so agree with your thinking…loving a more tailored look and trends definitely need to be in the smaller priced items. Pillows are the perfect way to add a trend in a room.

  2. So glad I found your blog. I have never been a fan of the “industrial” look but your image of refined industrial could change my mind! Great advice on the tailored look and adding in trends through more affordable/perishable items.

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