Inspired Flooring: Cowhide Patchwork Rugs

The weekend went by way to fast…and I’ve been dragging my feet because I have to do 8 different window elevations for a client project. Yes…I still sketch them by hand. It’s labour intensive, but so worth it in the end. At least I think so…

Last week I took a break from the world of design, and went to the little Munchkin’s school to be the first “mystery reader” of the year. She had no idea, and it was so much fun to surprise all the kids. The biggest dilemma was what to wear…I wanted to show her Kindergarten class that this mom has style. So I put on a Diane Von Furstenberg vintage wrap dress, my Tory Burch cow-hide flats, some bling, lipstick and called it a day. Lesson #1) Kids in Kindergarten could care less about what you have on, I could have slipped on a floral Mou-Mou…as long as I had on the cow-hide shoes. Because for the half hour that I was in that classroom trying to read “The Lighthouse Cat,” they were more interested in petting the “fur” on my shoes. Lesson #2: Leave the designer duds at home, and next time wear jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers.

So my calfskin shoes are partially the inspiration behind this post. Because they made me think about cowhide, specifically patchwork rugs (ah..the thought process of someone with ADD). They can transform most floors into a stunning, textural work of art. When the rugs first started appearing in catalogs and design magazines I was a little skeptical, mostly because I wasn’t sure if I loved them, or kind of liked them. But, now I am totally convinced that the addition of a cowhide patchwork rug, adds warmth, style, and texture to a space. Plus, they are no longer simply stitched, but now offer incredibly creative patterns…so here is a peek at some of my fav’s from my “Style Files.”


This rug from gives off the illusion of tile, which would add pattern and texture to the floor…I can totally see this in a room of white leather and chrome….

via Restoration Hardware

I love the de-constructed look of this rug in shades of gray…

Designer/ Nam Dang-Mitchell

I’ll be honest…one of these days I am going to “do lunch” with this talented designer  who hails from the “Great White North” (aka Canada). This is Nam’s dining room, and the chevron patterned rug in creamy cowhide really adds another layer of texture to this incredible space.

 Designer/Kyle Bunting

This room may be enveloped in darker hues, but it just defines style and warmth from the patterned cowhide rug to the “Look” art suspended from jute rope. The rug…is. plain. stunning.

 Haus Interiors-Modern Life Concept House

What’s not to love about this space? From the vintage washed cowhide rug to the skillful melding of colour…of course the lighting suspended from the ceiling adds some “design punch” to this interior.

Kyle Bunting

Talk about impact…other than the fact that the cowhide patchwork rug is beyond stunning, this room is just plain fabulous with a capital “F”.

PYD Rug Company

This pic is from the company website, not only is the rug just sheer perfection, but an honorable mention goes out to the view, the sectional, the wall of cabinets..and well….pretty much everything you see (

Designer/Michael Habachy

If you aren’t familiar with Michael Habachy’s work, then you are truly missing out on some of the most incredible interiors that my baby blues have ever seen. There are designers who just plain have “it” and he most definitely does…An interior by Michael Habachy=a visual feast for the eyes.

Designer/Madeline Stuart

I am a devoted follower of Madeline Stuart and this interior just speaks volumes for her incredible talent. This cowhide patchwork rug in the entrance-way of this Montana home simply takes my breath away…

Designer/Madeline Stuart/Architectural Digest-June 2012

Another Madeline Stuart creation…complete with a pieced cowhide rug from Lawson-Fenning.

Here are some of my personal favorites, love the patterns and love the incredible tonality…they all (by sheer coincidence) are from  P.S. If you happen to visit their website check out the absolutely amazing wall tiles…if only I could replace my windows with walls, I could cover an entire room, (just have to convince Mr. B. that it would be a worthwhile investment, so wish me luck).

From Edelman Leather/Cavellini-Chesnut Rug

Edelman Leather/Man-Grey-Hippie-Cow

Just so you know, I did not make up the name of this rug, but I have to admit it’s pretty clever.

Edelman Leather/Maze-Cavallini-Sealion Rug

So there you have it…cowhide patchwork rugs, what I think is a great way to add some texture, style and warmth to your space…






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