It’s certainly been chaotic at Casa B., and although I’m not complaining it has stopped me in my tracks, and prevented me from blogging.  I had a large number of people e-mail me asking how the garage sale went, and it actually went swimmingly well (thanks for asking). I made enough to buy Mr. B. his golf cart and cleaned out the garage in the process, so he has a place to park it. I stayed up 2 nights in a row, marking prices and organizing only to be rained out Friday (my prayers answered), so on Saturday, I wheeled and dealed “Vegas Style” with a double espresso in hand. You heard it here first, but I will NEVER do another garage sale! (I’d rather give up retail therapy for a year). We were absolutely overwhelmed with bargain hunters, and having to take hundreds of dollars less than the original price on several big ticket items made me just break out in a icy cold sweat. One of my friends and I (over a much needed glass of Vino) grouped the shoppers into three categories, 1) “The Low on Cash Cow“-“I only have ten dollars in my wallet. Will you take that?” Needless to say it was on items well over the price they were offering. Seriously? You actually went to a garage sale with only ten dollars in your wallet? Well c’mon over to this mirror I have for sale if you want to see the face of stupid. 2) “The Piler” this person starts a pile, and tells you that they’ll take it all off your hands for 3/4 less than what it’s priced for, after they stand there with a Louis Vuitton slung over their shoulder. Um…no…but will you take ten dollars for the Louis Vuitton?  3) The “Hard Luck Housewife” Yes, I actually heard this one. “My husband just left me, and took everything, so can I come back and take the things you don’t sell?” Sure, for the Cartier Tank Watch that is on your wrist (obviously he stayed away from the jewelry box). So the lucky recipients who stopped by walked away with some great deals, and I had a happy and gloating husband who has looked at golf-carts all week, while I nursed a sunburn (stood there for six hours in my Tory Burch sandals in the hot sun), and a bad mood because two of my favorite pillows ended up getting sold after they mysteriously ended up in the sale. Mr. B. I may start talking to you again in a few days, no promises.

After the trauma of the sale, I am going to take a much needed break at the Southern Coterie Conference on Jekyll Island, GA. to be followed by a trip to NYC at the end of the month for Blogfest 2013. In between, I’ll be sharing all the latest and greatest from Coverings 2013. It’s the best showing of tile and stone from all over the western hemisphere and beyond, if you follow my blog I also attended last year, and it was a visual feast for anyone in the design world.

So before I leave for Jekyll Island, I wanted to share some inspiration for making amazing photo walls. I just finished a Teen Suite where I had a printing company make a photo mural out of a picture of Broadway for a teenager who is most definitely headed that way. She is not only an amazing opera singer, but theatrical performer. She wanted a Broadway themed room, so we used a picture as inspiration for the photo mural, and a palette of her favorite colours Fuchsia, Black & White for the fabrics and pillows. Out of my style files are some of my favorite ways and unique ways to use photo murals.

Photo-Christina Wedge/Design-Bolick Interiors, LLC

This Teen Suite was inspired by a teenagers love of Broadway, we had a photo blown up and then applied as a backdrop and focal point for the room.

via flickr

 This photo wall adds so much drama to this sophisticated space, From “The City Never Sleeps” by Pixers.

via flickr

This enlarged photo is the perfect room divider for this bath, and adds the right amount of  visual punch.

 This photo wall is actually comprised of individual pieces which can be done right from your home printer via a free down-loadable program from


This photo mural is the perfect piece for this dining space. It creates a romantic vibe…and the chandelier is absolutely fabulous.


Believe it or not, this tryptych was cut into sections and then put into IKEA frames, an inexpensive, but visually stunning way to display a beautiful photo.

via The Kips Bay Showhouse

This photo mural creates an optical illusion that I would never get tired of.


This photo mural  reminds me of the cast of characters straight from the game of “Clue.” I adore the whimsy of it all…

Have an amazing weekend, and as always don’t forget to visit our Pinboards on Pinterest for more design inspiration.