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Rewind to last week and I have a former client on the phone who is begging me to go to the stone yard with her. With a full schedule that only allowed for an occasional trip to refresh my coffee, I told her “I’m not taking on clients right now.” Her reply “Pleazzzzzz….I’ll even throw in a weekend at our beach house in Seaside.” Okay…I’m not that busy. So off we went in her brand new Porsche Panamera. By the time I shut the door, my mood had improved significantly, and when she handed me a gift bag with a Tory Burch logo on the front, I decided that I would spend as much time looking for marble as she needed. My former client has impeccable taste and would have made the perfect choice without my help, but as we all know it’s hard to make decisions without a second opinion. Plus she came bearing gifts.

I was feeling generous with my time, and this unexpected jaunt was turning out surprisingly in my favour. Making it a very good day for “The Ace of Space.” A few years ago I tried to talk her into using bookmatched marble in her kitchen. It was expensive, gorgeous and would have been perfect on a back-wall. They could afford it, but her husband decided they needed a boat more…which again worked in my favor considering I was invited onboard for quite a few sunset cruises. Even though it didn’t end up in her kitchen, she still dreams of it gracing the walls of at least one room in her Chateau (yes it’s a house that has a name, it’s that big-unlike Casa B.)

Bookmatched stone is something that we’ve seen trending over the past few years, but I think it’s a timeless look that will be around for a very long time. Even if you aren’t familiar with the term, you are more than likely familiar with the look. It’s dramatic without being overwhelming. The fluidity of pattern gives one the same visual sensation you may have when watching clouds drift by. It’s full of movement and striking vein patterns, even an occasional figure (think angels or birds with large wingspans). Although, I think I’ve seen more interesting objects in the bookmatched pieces…even without a glass of wine. It’s unrivaled beauty makes it popular in the upscale market. The cost is driven by the manufacturing process, taking me years to find the precise words to explain it to other people. So in simple terms it’s when slabs are next to each other but have been polished on opposite sides. When these slabs are placed side-by-side (the polished sides), they will be the mirror image of each other—the veining is usually matched by the fabricator creating one unbroken pattern. So there you have it.

The first picture is what we chose, but the others are some very fine examples of bookmatched by some of my favorite designers.


This is the one….although I think I see a spaceship…my client saw a cat’s head. It’s all subjective…


Designer/ Oliver Burns

This is all the artwork this room needs…slabs of bookmatched marble…


 Via Architectural Digest

This has always been one of my favorite examples of bookmatching…stunning.


Architect/Lee F. Mindel- Photographer/ Joshua McHugh

The angles, the beauty of this bathroom….


 Designer/Beth Webb

One of Atlanta’s own. Beth Webb is one of the most gracious and talented designers that I have had the honour of meeting. This kitchen is one of my favorites…


Designer/ Morgan K. Ofron

There aren’t any words to describe the beauty of this wall…


 Designer/ Croma Design

This is the home of Style At Home’s, Editor-In-Chief, Erin McLaughlin. The bookmatched stone on the fireplace is both understated and dramatic…


 Designer/ Lenny Kravitz

 Did you know that Musician-Lenny Kravitz has his own design firm? It’s obvious from that this man is multi-talented.


 Credit/The Hotel Viceroy, Anguilla

I’m not sure that I would go to the beach if I could look at this bookmatched stone all day…


via The Viceroy Hotel New York

If you are in New York this is a must see, although staying in this fabulous hotel is worth every pampered moment, and I have always been in love with the book-matched marble wall…


via design files

Technically this isn’t bookmatched, but I love the strategic placement of the mirror that actually fools the eye into thinking it is…


♠♠♠ Now one more thing….as many of you know, I put my career as a designer on hold to blog & write full-time, I travel, I interview industry movers & shakers, and attend industry events across the globe. So to be recognized for what you do is humbling. For the 3rd year, I’ve been chosen as a finalist for “The Hall of Fame Awards” at the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta. I have always been up against some truly talented Bloggers and that alone has been an incredible honour. So this is where my followers & supporters can help, this year we have been nominated in two categories-“Best Overall Design Blog” and “Best Writing On A Design Blog.” But, I need your votes! Here is the link where you can cast your vote for “The Ace of Space.”  Thanks to all for your incredible support -Vicki ♠♠♠

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Operation :: Kohler Master Bathroom

Next week we begin the total gut of our soon to be utterly fabulous Kohler master bathroom. Our contractor called yesterday and gave me a hard date (next Thursday). So now I’m in panic mode, once the tile is installed there is no time for second guesses, or thirds. We have the tile selection picked out, well sort of. That was until Mr. B. decided that he may not want to go with my idea of a bathroom encased in Carrera. Say what? He’s actually interfering with my dream bath selections? Let’s face it men are in and out of bathrooms unless you are John Stamos, who looks like he spends a lot of quality time in front of the mirror perfecting his pouf. Not so much for Mr. B. for reasons I won’t go into on this post. So it was back to the tile showroom (this morning), I’ll budge on the flooring, but I absolutely will not on the walls and counter-top surfaces, for one thing Kohler supplied us with a positively gorgeous vanity top. Then combine that with the fact that I have dreamed of Carrera subway tile since I took my first baby steps, and you can understand my frustration. In all honesty I’m more concerned with the shower niche in the master bathroom than making any last minute material changes. Yes, I am agonizing over every detail, because unless we move out of state I’m going to be at Casa B. for quite a few more years. So I want it to be a space that I am going to enjoy spending a lot of quality time in…and I can’t wait.

I humoured Mr. B. by making the last and final trip to the tile showroom and with our time constraints I have a feeling that I am going to win this design battle. As most designers know there is a lot you can do with different size tile in the same material, in our case Carrera. So with Herringbone, 12″x24’s,” and subway, the latter of which is going to be an “offset joint” pattern giving the most timeless look, and Herringbone tile on the floor and in the shower niche (I think), I am back to making another flooring decision. In this case, I may have to keep him happy because I want a boat next year. Fair trade off wouldn’t you say? So these are some of the flooring options I’m willing to consider to make my boating dreams a reality in 2015. P.S. As of this moment I have made a decision for the master bathroom floor tile, it was between the two below and I went with honed limestone. Also, stay tuned because next Friday, I’ll give you sneak peek into our progress…


Yes, I found the “one,” it was a difficult choice but instead of the herringbone Carrera, I decided on the limestone…the showroom lighting was not conducive to photos…


via homedesignideas9.jpg

When I was considering Carrera this was one of my favorites, I was obsessed with the hexagonal tile…



Yes, this was almost a reality  including the tub deck encased in Carrera…


Designer/ Steven Gambrel

If I had an unlimited budget, I would have flown in Mr. Gambrel on a private jet and given him free reign on the “Master-bath Project”…



After seeing the inspiration photos, I’m having second thoughts about the limestone…


Finally, having a functional niche will be a dream come true. Top image-via Lisa Ferguson, Lower image-via

Next week I’ll be in Kohler, Wisconsin for their Bloggers Conference, and I’ll be reporting back on all the latest and greatest in product design from Kohler.

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The HGTV Urban Oasis 2014 :: Part 1

About a month ago I received an invitation from Scripps Networks to attend the Local media day for the HGTV Urban Oasis 2014 at the Mandarin Oriental in Atlanta. Of course, I RSVP’d and left it up to the gods that day whether or not I would make it out of the house. As luck would have it the forecast called for rain, hmm….galoshes or Tory Burch wedges? Well, those of you who guessed the wedges know me so well. After changing several times, I wondered should I go? I’m late anyway (surprised?), but then I would miss an opportunity to see the Urban Oasis without having to fight the crowds. So did I make it? Yes, my dominant design gene kicked into hyper-overdrive (as did my car) and off I went into the sunset storm clouds. It was so worth it, I came back laden with over a hundred usable images taken in just less than 30 minutes, and an overwhelming desire to re-do our home in merchandise from All-Modern ( and you’ll soon see why. Let me give you a little background on the “Oasis.” First of all it’s located in the luxurious Mandarin Oriental ( in Atlanta; the name alone evokes an era where bellman held open polished brass doors, and white gloves epitomized a high standard of service conducive to sumptuous living. The Mandarin caters to the enjoyment of comfort and pleasure, and the lucky winner of this home will have 24-hour room service and concierge, and if that doesn’t entice you to win the sweepstakes then perhaps living in a $1.5 million 2000 square foot residence will. Located on the 37th level, you are greeted with sweeping vistas of Atlanta and impeccable design by Jack Thomasson, HGTV Urban Oasis Home Planner and Lindsay Pumpa, HGTV Urban Oasis Interior Designer.
Location, location, location. Right in the heart of Buckhead, but don’t let the address fool you because even though the Mandarin is nestled amongst Highrises, the location of the residence assures sweeping views of one of the greenest cities in the US. Fully furnished with pieces from AllModern the Urban Oasis combines the convenience of city living with modern and streamlined design. With privileged access to the residence with Jack and Lindsay as my tour guides, I was not only impressed with the views but the thoughtful design. From the completely hidden walk in pantry to the open concept floor plan this residence is perfectly equipped for entertaining at home or quiet evenings by the marble faced fireplace. This striking residence was designed to be a true “oasis” for the lucky winner. For contest details visit

Now for the pictures…P.S. We are now adding video so let me know if you like our newest addition to The Ace of Space Blog…since I visit a lot of show-homes, I thought it would be an easy way to give my readers a 360 view of the spaces. So enjoy…

For our video preview of HGTV Urban Oasis just hit play in the video above and enjoy the scenery!


Photo credit/ Vicki Gladle Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog

Marble mosaics create a focal point, and the waterfall island sets the tone for this streamlined and modern space.

UA-kitchen5-1Photo credit/ Vicki Gladle Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog

A close-up…


Photo credit/ Vicki Gladle Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog

Casual dining highlighted by a pair of hammered sconces…

UA-kitchen5 (2)Photo credit/ Vicki Gladle Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog

An open space concept with 11 foot ceilings, create a feeling of spaciousness in this sleek and sculptural space.


Photo credit/ Vicki Gladle Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog

Rich textures against a neutral backdrop…

UA-kitchen8-1Photo credit/ Vicki Gladle Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog

The stunning tufted rug grounds this space highlighting the neutral palette. The sculptural elements and furnishings are from AllModern.

UA-kitchen5 (2)Photo credit/ Vicki Gladle Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog

Impressive views from the windows and hallway…

UA-kitchen10-1Photo credit/ Vicki Gladle Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog

If I were sitting on the sofa, (which I was) this would be the perfect spot to enjoy a fire, a glass of wine and toast to my incredible luck at winning this striking space (yes, I’m a dreamer).

Until tommorrow…I’ll share the rest of this luxurious Oasis.

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