12 Must Have Books For Creatives

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I love books. Which shouldn’t be surprising since my world centers around the written word. If there is one question I get asked frequently (more than my favorite paint colors) is what are the must have books for a design library? Well, first let me share that I have a diverse collection, I collect vintage design books, but I also love well-curated fashion tomes (there is a fine line between the world of fashion & the furnishings industry). I love books that capture iconic design on glossy pages, and I adore biographies. What makes a great designer tick? At times, an author will capture the very essence of the creative and reveal it for all to see. Demystifying the woman or man behind the mask. Those are the books I love to read.

So I thought I would share 12 must have books for the creative, designer, fashion devotee, travel seeker & foodie just in time for the holidays…

1. Audrey At Home by Luca Botti

audrey at home

2. How to Be A Parisian Wherever You Are : Love Style & Bad Habits – Anne Berest


3. Brooklyn Street Style : The No Rules Guide to Fashion- Anya Sacharow


4. Absolutely Beautiful Things-Anna Spiro


5Donna Hay-The New Classics


6. Where Chef’s Eat


7. The Stylish Life:Skiing -Gabrielle le Breton


8. Louis Vuitton : Architecture & Interiors by Edelman, Frederic, Luna & Ian


9. Chanel: Fashion, Fine Jewelry/Perfume by Francois Baudot

chanel10. Travels With Mac ‘n’ Row by Row Henson, Rachel Rowena Henson, Mackenzie Henson


11. Alex Vervoordt: Living With Light 


12. Veranda: The Romance of Flowers-Clinton Smith


These are some of my favorite books, and I hope they will be yours too! If you see any books that you would like to purchase, just click on the link and you’ll be directed to my online bookstore.

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