6 Wallpaper Trends That Are Shaping 2017

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Wallpapers have been transforming the ordinary into extraordinary for centuries. At least since the Chinese began gluing rice paper to their walls (B.C.). until somewhere in the 1600’s (France), when the technique of block printing in a continuous pattern was created, making wallpaper so “de rigour.” And whether they handprinted or mass produced, wallpapers continue to be the backdrop for some of the most evocative spaces in design, and we are sharing some wallpaper trends that are shaping 2017 and beyond.

Today’s selection of wallpapers is more diverse and creative than ever. Think eye-popping patterns, innovative materials and bold hues in a number of styles – retro, classical, floral, oversized botanicals, and the soft transitions of watercolor-esque patterns.

Wallpaper will always be our favorite way to bring life into a home, and with advancements in digital art printing, there are many options available to replicate a work of art. After all, wallpaper is about “art imitating life,” providing an endless of array of possibilities for 2017. (You can check also read our predictions for wallpaper trends in 2016 here…)

And here are some of our favorite trends for this year…

1) Geometrics-They bring order into our homes with simple clean patterns. Inventive geometrics continue to play an integral role on the design stage. Look for modernized patterns with ethnic overtones. For impact try bold patterns in small spaces such as foyers and bathrooms. Or for a more chic look use colors of a single hue to create sophistication in areas such as bedrooms. For an unexpected twist add it to a ceiling. We love the versatility that geometric patterns offer and with less chaotic designs they have a timeless appeal and the ability to create a bold fresh feel.

Kelly Wearstler/ Chalet Wallpaper

Oblique Wallpaper/ Cole & Son

Enigma/ Farrow & Ball

Kimiko Wallpaper/Ellos 

2) Tropical Updated-Tropical wallpaper in 2017 is much bolder and dramatic. With predominantly dark backgrounds look for oversized, stylized patterns such as palms, banana leaves, and playful jungle animals. This year it’s all about Palm Beach meets “Jungalow” eclecticism. Perfect for those who long to live an adventurous life without leaving the comfort of home.

Merian Palm/ Timorous Beasties

Monkey Business/ Clarke & Clarke

Monstera Wallpaper/ Woodchips & Magnolia

3) Art-Inspired Wallpaper-One of our favorite trends in the evolution of wallpaper is art-inspired patterns. Wallpaper that looks like art pieces painted by a watercolor artist, or impressionist painter. And in the same way, art personalizes a home it has the same effect when used as wallpaper. Our walls can be transformed into a perfectly curated piece of artwork, from abstract to restful, providing a mesmerizing backdrop. And they work virtually anywhere from the foyer to the bedroom…

Spa Blue/ Black Crow Studio

Fade/ Phillip Jeffries

River/ Emma Hayes

4) Vintage Modern- Over the past few years we’ve seen saw a resurgence in 60’s design from wooden paneling to the muddy colors popular in the era of free love and the Beetles. And with heightened interest in all things Mid-Century and Vintage-“Contemporary Vintage,” has emerged defined as “a design trend that mixes old and new,” continuing a serge in popularity. Our favorite way to introduce the look is with wall coverings that give traditional patterns like “Toile” an updated and unexpected twist.

Peacock/ Dupenny

Cities Toile/ Rifle Paper Co.

Lord of the Manor/ Yukari Sweeney

5) Metallics-Metallics are making a comeback and the mixed metals that we have seen in furnishings are becoming popular for the walls. While we have gilded object’s d art for centuries, we can now add depth and warmth to our walls. Expect to see metallic sheens in patterns ranging from Art Deco to bold and funky graphics.

BAHIA Wallpaper/Thibaut

Angles/ Erika Wakerly

Rasch Wallpaper/Wonderwall

6) Texture-Texture is also going to play a leading role in wallpaper and while Grasscloth is still the industry standard, there have been some stunning silk introductions. While the cost may be prohibitive for some, it’s effect is impressive. Paired with clean lines and dramatic artwork and you may rethink the cost. We are also excited to see companies like Thibaut introduce collections of faux textures that are as realistic as the real thing…

Silk Plain-Teal/ Zoffany

Taluk Sisal (From the Faux Resources Collection)/Thibaut

Tunica Basket-Faux Resources Collection/Thibaut

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