We I finally got our Christmas decorations up. You can’t really go wrong with putting up tinsel and holly. In fact, I have a theory the more you layer the better it looks, and that rule applies to just about everything. We don’t go fussy on the decorations, I put up my collections of Santa’s (I LOVE SANTA. P.S. Don’t worry Mr. B., I’ll never leave you for a sedate life at the North Pole hanging around a toasty fire with a bunch of toy crazed elves, and a “jolly ole soul” whose only words are “Ho, Ho, Ho!”). Now if the elves only made shoes, I would be zipping up our chimney and off to “Toyland” on a turbo charged sleigh.

Truth be told our holiday decor is more tacky than traditional. There is no staging at our house, every space is covered with Santa’s, in fact I was asked to participate in four different “Holiday Home Tours”, and I respectfully declined all. The thought of having to make my “Holiday Home” picture perfect would have caused sleepless nights, obsessing, and a long stint in a hotel room for all members of my family (because they wouldn’t be able to sit, touch or stand next to anything until after the photos were taken). So instead I opted to just put out random holiday décor, and hope that my colour scheme of green and red would looked pulled together enough for my festive friends. Of whom, drop by expecting to see a perfectly staged “Winter Wonderland”. So here’s to keeping it simple, and a peek at some homes in my neighborhood who did just that….P.S. I’ll be doing Part II tomorrow…christmas7-1

Courtesy theaceofspaceblog.com

 Just a few wreaths and simple lights and voila´…


 Courtesy theaceofspaceblog.com

This is my favorite home in our neighborhood. Coincidently, the residents own a cookie company. Hopefully, one year I’ll be on their gift list.



I am a huge fan of wreaths on every window



 So traditional, and so perfect.


I snapped this picture at night, hoping to capture the outdoor lighting. Is that the “Ghost of Christmas Past” in the lower right window? I wasn’t going to include it, because it’s too grainy, but the ghostly figure was worth sharing…


If I had a favourite door in our neighborhood it would be this one. The perfect holiday backdrop for a wreath… 


One of my “musings.” Originally, I drew it to use on our Christmas card, but then I decided to turn it into artwork. All my artwork is going to be available for sale on my web-store next year…so consider this just a sneak peek.

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I’ll be sharing more holiday homes tomorrow on the blog so check back…

Until then, Cheerio!