I’m brave. Why? Because I decided to take the week off (well most of it) to spend time with the little “Fashionista”. I’m exhausted, I’ve gained five pounds (there is an ice cream truck that meanders through our neighborhood every five minutes). However, I’ve noticed that he spends most of his time driving up and down our street (a bad sign).

But there are some lessons I’ve learned this week:

1) You can actually take your kids to the movies to take a nap, there is nothing like a dark room with a little background noise to lull the little ones to sleep. Brilliant.

2) Kids want to keep everything they find as a pet- Ladybugs, worms, lizards, frogs, and quite frankly I’m am dreading the return of the “7 Year Locust.”

3) The pool is a place where parents take their kids to work off the sugar. While I’m keeping one eye on my i-Pad and one on the mini “Jackie O,”  kids are running around the pool like it’s an Olympic track, all while screaming louder than I did watching the first “Friday the 13th.”.

4) Everything needs a Band-Aid and I mean everything, even the wall.

5) There are at least 3-5 wardrobe changes a day, and if I’m lucky the very last one she puts on are Pajamas.

So onto design….the last of the Kips Bay Showhouse and a few others from around NYC…I spent a little time last week at Bergdorf’s getting a private “after hours” tour of the Home Dept., and afterwards having a (well-deserved) cocktail at The Plaza. Years ago, the Oak Room was “The Place” to see and be seen. Sadly, it’s closed and other than a lobby/bar area the “Plaza of the Past” is just that. I was left with fond memories as I sipped a glass of buttery Chardonnay. I came back to the ATL with “Little Town Blues”…and this transplant from the North is missing the hustle and bustle of the “big lights, big city.” Sigh.

Courtesy/ Kips Bay Showhouse

I love the unexpected, and in a little niche on the stairway was a statuette perched and ready for a graceful dive …

 Courtesy/ Kips Bay Showhouse

A view from the top, I loved the railings, wrought iron and brass with cabochons.

Courtesy/ Kips Bay Showhouse

This room was a favorite, from the patchwork Cowhide rug in shades of grey, to the hand-blown crystal pendants creating a multi-faceted design on the ceiling. I loved the tonal colour palette with elements of mid-century modern.

Courtesy/ Kips Bay Showhouse

A closer look at the bookcase, a clever addition by Eve Robinson were the painted grey boxes in varied sizes, which added an artistic flair to the shelving.

Courtesy/ Kips Bay Showhouse

What room doesn’t need a little touch of Kate Moss? 

Courtesy/Kips Bay Showhouse

A larger view of a room defining chic….

Courtesy/Kips Bay Showhouse

It’s all about the details, and the addition of decorative banding on the drapery was also used on the back cushions on the settee. 

A side trip to Bergdorf’s to get a private tour of the home section….one room was devoted entirely to Designer/ Kelly Werstler. Gold, glam and fabulous.

 A quick visit to The Plaza bookstore before I left, there wasn’t one tome that I wouldn’t want in my library, I left with a bad case of serious book envy.

Off to the pool…hope you all have a great weekend.