This year the family is divided, all across the Eastern Seaboard. Mr. B. won’t be celebrating with us this year and is staying in Atlanta so that his mother won’t be alone. The Fashionista and I are in NY, praying for a little snow. Even a flake. Unfortunately, it’s 70 degrees here which may change, but not before we head back South. So while the weather has failed us, and the possibility of hitting the nearby slopes all but dashed, I am left to put all my energies into the holiday meal. Trips to the flower shop, trudging through the woods to collect some greenery, and anything else that will contribute to the Thanksgiving tables-cape. A journey back home wouldn’t be complete without a trip down the memory lane of childhood. I pulled out my mothers well-worn copy of Amy Vanderbuilt’s “Book of Etiquette.” In fact, if you ever have a chance to pick up a copy circa 1952 it’s worth a read for pure entertainment. It’s mostly outdated since there is a section on the duties of a butler and managing a sit-down dinner without a maid. Hard to believe that I’ve somehow managed to do without for all these years. However, within the brown pages were copies of place settings my mother made me draw years ago. Sadly, after reviewing the drawings I realized I may need a refresher course.

This week is all about family so I won’t be posting again until Monday. We’ll be taking the rest of the week off to enjoy Thanksgiving with family & friends. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday this week…







We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time,