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A few months ago I was contacted by Trisha Roy, the founder and creative force behind the luxury brand Barn & Willow www.barnandwillow. As a design blog, I receive many inquiries, but some innate six sense of the design-kind caused me to visit her website. My interest was piqued. Her mission was clear, to redefine luxury, one room at a time combined with a belief that “everyone deserves a beautiful home,” Needless, to say our philosophies intersected at “luxury” and “beautiful home.” In an age of big box stores with big mark-ups, there are few options available to designers or homeowners who are in the market for quality linen drapery. I personally adore linen, and it’s versatility in design. It works beautifully in interiors ranging from contemporary to traditional, but the cost is prohibitive for most. Quite frankly, the designer in me always cringed when I looked at prices and there were times I was left wondering if it (linen) was ever going to be an affordable option for clients.

I think that search is over. With a keen eye for quality and a commitment to realistic pricing, Barn & Willow is simply a breath of fresh air. They are quite possibly the answer to a designer’s prayer. If you’re a designer, then you know how difficult it is to propose product that has a high price tag coupled with poor quality and a client that insists on the very best with a limited budget. It is a scenario that happens all too often. So when a company comes along that offers the finest linen, carefully crafted and fairly priced, you take notice (I know I did). I want to share with you an interview with Trisha Roy (TR) Founder of Barn & Willow (, I think you’ll be as impressed with her vision and products as I am.

logoforinterviewsHow did you come up with the idea for Barn & Willow?

TR-My husband and I were buying drapery for our new home, and we started our search in high-end stores. What we found was that the prices were high and out-of -range for what we were looking to spend. Everywhere we went we were pushed in the direction of in-home design and sales pitches for overpriced custom made drapery. Frankly, the whole process was exhausting, and with the high cost of linen, we were afraid that we would have to live with bare windows. This experience really motivated me to dig deeper. What ensued was months of research and meetings and visits to fabric mills located in different countries. It was through this process that I was able to forge strong relationships with some of the finest linen mills in Belgium. After discovering that mark-up on linen can be a staggering 200% when purchased through upscale stores,  I became committed more than ever to finding the finest quality linen, and making it an affordable option.

logoforinterviewsIs the linen drapery also constructed in Belgium?

TR-No. After visits to different manufacturing facilities, I found a group of skilled craftsmen in India who have been sewing drapes for generations. It was a critical part of our business model to bypass the middlemen, and deal directly with the manufacturers. I felt that the craftspeople in India had the high standards that were necessary in constructing our high quality linen drapery. They truly treat each stitch as a labor of love.

logoforinterviewsYou are so passionate about linen, what is it about this fabric that has created such a demand in home interiors market?

TR-It’s crisp, clean, soft and yet strong and durable. The best of all worlds really. I truly believe that it is the most natural fabric which brings the right amount of richness, luxury, and down to earth practicality into a space. Each of our drapes is made from 100% Belgium linen,  from the world’s finest Belgian flax fibers. These drapes are made to work well in many different interior styles.

logoforinterviewsWhat is the design philosophy of Barn & Willow?

TR-It’s simple. You shouldn’t have to overspend to have a beautiful home. Elegant design, thoughtful craftsmanship, exceptional service and realistic prices are all non-negotiable.

logoforinterviewsTell us a little about Trisha Roy, creative force behind Barn & Willow…

TR-I love exploring home décor and ideas, my friends all think we are constantly re-designing or remodeling but all I do is re-arrange furniture or add a few pieces to give a fresh look. I’m also a “foodie,” I love to try out different cuisines and experiment at home with my friends. As you may have guessed travel is in my blood, I have traveled across all continents and major countries. I am intrigued by the lifestyles in smaller towns and villages. In fact, I always make it a practice to eat with the locals in their houses. There are some sites out there where you can meet locals and eat with them. Not a bad way to travel. The one place I still have yet to visit is Morocco, I love the culture the food and the intricate designs of furnishings and textiles. When I’m not working and need a little “down-time,” I love to watch foreign films, some of my favorites are “Le diner de cons” or “Cinema Paradiso.” In fact, I’ll share a small secret I wanted to become a movie star when I was a kid (which is no longer a secret I realize).

logoforinterviewsWhat is the mission of Barn & Willow?

TR-To offer home décor that is thoughtfully design, carefully crafted and priced fairly. We are challenging convention by offering high-end, made to order drapery at reasonable prices. We believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful home…

logoforinterviewsThanks, Trisha for sharing your vision and mission of Barn & Willow…

An “Ace” note-Barn & Willow sends out linen swatches for free, all five fabrics will be shipped to you within 3-5 business days. You can also connect with their designer for personalized styling tips . Now for a very special treat-for 30 days they are offering a 5% discount to my readers when purchasing drapery, just enter the code LINEN at checkout.
P.S. I have the swatches sitting in front of me and the quality is simply incredible.  Now for a little eye-candy…


Photo/ Vicki Gladle

 These are sitting in front of me as we speak…the quality leaves me speechless (if that’s possible)….


 Photo courtesy/ Barn & Willow

Oh the possibilities…


Photo courtesy/ Barn & Willow

It’s all in the details…


 Photo courtesy/ Barn & Willow

And the spotlight is on….


 Photo courtesy/ Barn & Willow

The perfect puddles….


 Photo/ Courtesy Barn & Willow

Glam it up, or down…


 Photo courtesy/ Barn & Willow

Stunning from top to the bottom…


 Photo courtesy/ Barn & Willow

“Everyone deserves a beautiful home…”- Trisha Roy


Photo courtesy/ Barn & Willow

Sheer luxury…


Photo courtesy/ Barn & Willow

Sumptuous sheers to let the light shine in…


Photo courtesy/ Barn & Willow

Handcrafted stitching…


Photo courtesy/ Barn & Willow

An array of eye-catching neutrals…

Barn & Willow is graciously offering a 5% discount to my readers for the next 30 days, just enter LINEN at checkout. To see the complete collection visit

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