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Every night before I go to bed, I poke around Instagram. Unfortunately, it keeps me up and occupied until the wee hours of the southern morning. Why? Because I always have one eye open for new talent, or at least what’s new to me. Sometimes I find a designer I think I may have discovered only to realize that they already have a hefty following, and I have been missing out. Such is the case with Anna Spiro, although in my defense she lives in Australia. Her designs are colour packed and refreshingly unique. I’ve always felt that we are more conservative with colour in the U.S. Most designers gravitate toward a neutral base because the general feeling is that it’s the best foundation when building a colour palette (I’m guilty). Anna’s designs are fresh, and it’s like opening a box of Crayola crayons for the first time and that overwhelming feeling of excitement over the potential colour combinations. She injects a refreshing perspective on colour pairings with a skillful eye. A calypso of bright and captivating hues.

If you are fortunate enough to follow Anna on Instagram then you know she is the design genius behind the interior rooms at the Halcyon Hotel, a beachfront oasis in Cabarita Beach located in Northern New South Wales. A brilliant design collaboration between the hotel and Black and Spiro. In fact, I just added Halcyon to my bucket list of places to visit, the perfect idyllic spot to enjoy a few weeks of relaxed bliss when the Fashionista is in college and Mr. B. and I have time to jaunt around the world. Someday, I hope to interview Anna Spiro, and maybe it will be at her home in Australia until then I will be admiring her work from afar.

“I believe I was given a gift from my mother, and that is to be able to bring beauty into the homes and lives of others.” 

-Anna Spirio

Bright white and blue in a traditional and stylish living room.
Shades of blue with the perfect pop of yellow posies.
A little traditional mixed with eclectic flair…
Blue on blue in this relaxed and chic sunroom.
A well curated gallery wall of family photos.
Of course, I love NY too and the skillful mix of pattern.
I love every one of these colourful chairs, including the fact that she mixed them up.
Bold & beautiful.
Mixing bold pattern is signature Anna.
From the paneled bar front to industrial chic furnishings.
Colour play at Mr. & Mrs. G. Bar in Brisbane.
Photo/ Anna Spiro
One of Anna’s latest projects, who would have thought pink could look so good?
Image/ Anna Spiro
A sneak peek at one of the rooms at the Halcyon Hotel that Anna designed.
I hope you enjoyed the amazing talent of Anna Spiro or Black & Spiro. If you want to see more of Anna’s portfolio visit and of course if you are looking for more information about the fabulous Halcyon Hotel visit
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