What do you do on a frigid, blustery evening in Atlanta? You make an hours long trek through rush hour traffic into Buckhead, the shopping mecca of the south. I was the big city; big lights bound. Why? To go to the “early preview” of the Atlanta Holiday House. It’s a perk of being part of the press, an all-access pass to one of the hottest attractions during the holiday season-“Home For The Holidays.” The “Home” is presented by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles and benefits the Southeastern Horticultural Society. My friend Lisa and I, braced ourselves in high heels (yes mine were Tory Burch) to walk up a steep cobblestone driveway into the rarefied world of Atlanta’s Design Elite, masterminds of some of the finest in Show-house design. I was a modern day Cinderella, who for the next two hours was bestowed with a proverbial glass slipper, the inside of this 7000 square foot designed by Bill Harrison was my playground. Each room was carefully curated, and a multitude of design talent was brought together to inspire, awe and simply transport you into a world of luxury and creative genius.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to see some of the talent in action; the house was just a few days away from being open to the public. Michel Boyd was doing some of his signature finishing touches in the bedroom that was sexy, luxurious, and layered in sumptuous texture. Beth Webb’s dining room was the showstopper that will greet you at the door, the pure definition of black and white sophistication with a moulded ceiling treatment that was an architectural marvel. Beth is charming, gracious and the creator of a grand and timeless dining space. As with most who walk through the carved wooden doors, I transported myself into a pretend world where I am in the owner of this grand estate and all the rooms were designed for my pleasure. So for a few short hours I lived the dream, the house was quiet with Christmas music softly playing in the background, Christmas trees were lit in holiday glory, and I was able to stroll at my leisure before the “Home for the Holidays” opens tomorrow…

Sadly, this modern day Cinderella had to eventually leave her plush surroundings. While I didn’t lose a glass slipper, I did lose myself inside the beauty of this Buckhead mansion. I left the the way I arrived, bundled up to ward of the evening chill, leaving the warmth and cheer behind to be whisked away in my carriage, and home to my very own Prince Charming.

Here is just a sneak peek into Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles “Home For the Holidays”, since it was an evening preview the pictures certainly will not do justice to what you’ll see when you attend…The “Home” opens November 19th and will end on December 7th, 2014. It’s closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thanksgiving Day. The hours are Wednesday through Saturdays 11AM-5PM and Sunday’s, 1PM-5PM. For more information you can visit AtlantaHolidayHome.com


 Design/Beth Webb

A glimpse of the molded ceiling detail which is just the proverbial topping on this delicious design…


Design/ Mark Williams Design Associates

From the tear drop crystal chandelier to the banquette, this space was enveloped in stylish sophistication…


Susan Ferrier’s signature touch is evident throughout the living room with stunning detail from a floor to ceiling foxed mirrored screen to a hair on hide desk…


 Designer/ Susan Ferrier

Miles of style, and endless puddles of luxurious drapery…


Designer/ Susan Ferrier

This is a close up shot of the hair-on-hide desk, and it was stunning.


 Designer/ Barbara Heath-The Merchantile

This lady’s retreat had all the elements needed for an evening of pampering in quiet sophistication…from the sheepskin ottomans with Lucite legs…to layers of texture and plush throws.


 Designer/ Barbara Heath-The Merchantile

A room with another view, this lady’s retreat wouldn’t be complete with sumptuous seating… 


Designer/ Barbara Heath-The Merchantile

Artful displays…


 Designer/ Barbara Heath-The Merchantile

A close up of a sophisticated corner…


Just some of the drapery detail at “Home for the Holiday”…

If you live in Atlanta or surrounding areas, I highly recommend stopping by. The interior design is some of the most stunning I’ve seen in quite awhile. I’ll be posting the rest of the pictures tommorrow in Part II.

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