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Great Britain has given the world many things, Fish & Chips, red buses, the Beatles, Bridget Jones and high tea (with or without the Queen). Yes, and British bespoke kitchens.

In a world that craves originality, “bespoke” has become a word synonymous with limitless design in the U.S and G.B. Most of us have tired of the “off the production line” look in kitchen design, and are willing to invest large dollar amounts in creating a custom and timeless look. Bespoke provides an opportunity to masquerade modern technology behind traditional or clean-lined cabinetry, and the pairings become deliciously endless when marrying an array of natural elements.

So when Neil Norton Design, a London-based “bespoke” company sent us pictures of their custom kitchens I thought it was a perfect opportunity to write an entire post about a trend that continues to gain momentum in the world of kitchen design.

be·spoke bəˈspōk/adjective BRITISH (of course)

 1. (of goods made to order).
The idea of a “made to order” kitchen has always been on my design “wish list.” In a dream world, I would want an island that is smaller, shorter top cabinets and the all important coffee station. A sociable kitchen which would blend glamor and minimalism with traditional elements.
“I dream of a custom designed kitchen that works for the way I live.”
 My fascination with British design may border on an obsession, but they have a refreshing way of blending traditional design with modern sensibilities. There are certainly many benefits of having a “bespoke” kitchen from the optimization of storage space to creating designs that are “social” and fit a lifestyle. I wanted to share some photos from some of my favorite British design firms, full of design inspiration from handleless kitchen design to shark detail on countertops.
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