I’m late for almost everything. A terrible breach of etiquette, and one that I have attempted to change for most of my life. But, coupled with ADD it’s not something that I have hopes of changing while I’m living and breathing on God’s green earth. I’ve been late for job interviews, my wedding, lunches, dinners and dates (before my wedding of course). So on a cool, blustery but radiant day in NYC, and after slipping into my brand new Kate Spade “Kitten” heels, I walked out the doors of the luxuriant Sanctuary Hotel, with a doorman in tow because I was on the cusp of being late for a very, very important date. It was 11:30 AM,  the afternoon with Bunny started at 12:00, it was lunch rush hour, and after watching cab after speeding Yellow Cab pass my impatiently tapping (but fashionable) foot and the looming form of the 6’+doorman, a cab finally pulled to the curb (barely) before I was whisked away by my driver with the finesse of a veteran Indy 500 champion.

It was 12:30 before I arrived on the steps of Trelliage, it was unassumingly nestled among a mix of brownstones and shoppes on a quiet side street between 1st & York. I was nervous, giddy and downright excited to meet Bunny Williams along with her husband & antiques dealer, David Roselli. I have met Bunny in the past, but it’s always been among a larger legion of followers at various events, all jostling to get a step closer to one of “America’s Design Icons.” This afternoon was an exception, it was a small private event arranged by Sarah Sarna & Tina Ramchandani of Franklin Eighth as part of  #BlogTour NYC. Sharing Bunny with an uncountable number of starstruck followers is much different than an intimate few hours with a smaller group of  my fellow BlogTourNYC attendees. Bunny is engaging, gracious & warm. Her persona is such that I forgot I was in the company of one the most accomplished interior designers of our time. Quite frankly, there are few design greats I have met or had the honour of interviewing who project such approachability, kindness and warmth. Her shoppe- Trelliage speaks to the same sensibilities. It’s a carefully curated mix of casegoods, artwork, table-top, accessories and garden statuary all skillfully melded together to bring a sense of stylish calm. An environment that certainly befits the master-mind behind a brand that is the pure definition of  grace and design genius. Her energy, passion and humor had a profound effect on this weary designers’ soul, and I left her shoppe reconsidering my decision to take a step back from my interior design practice (for a time) to focus solely on a thriving blog.  A few hours spent in her company is a memory that I am not likely to forget.

As our afternoon was winding down,  I shook her hand before leaving (but I really wanted to give her a huge hug) and commented “Bunny, what an amazing life you have lived.” to which she unwaveringly (and with her signature spunk) replied, “And I have a lot more living to do.” Speaking on behalf of her legion of followers, we are counting on it. Her latest collaborations with Dash & Albert, Century Furniture, and her new registry for Bridal and Gift are all testament to the fact that her design influence continues to be vast and far reaching. So please join me on a tour of Bunny William’s shoppe via some snapshots and a few favorite quotes from “Bunny Williams’ Scrapbook For Living,” defining the style of an icon.


 Photo/ The Ace of Space Blog

A small taste of what awaits…


 Photo/ The Ace of Space Blog

All good things should be followed by a glass of “Champs.”


 Photo/ The Ace of Space Blog

“Groupings should be arranged with a careful sense of design”-Bunny Williams


 Photo/ The Ace of Space Blog

“There is something very special to me about china” -Bunny Williams


Photo/ The Ace of Space Blog

“Deep sofas should have lots of big pillows across the back to adjust the depth.”-Bunny Williams


 Photo/ The Ace of Space Blog

I included this photo of “the” bowl that now resides on my hall table, filled with bits of shells from our last vacation to Amelia Island.


 Photo/ The Ace of Space Blog

“Build shelves, or look for interesting cabinets or freestanding bookcases to hold collections.” -Bunny Williams


 Photo/ The Ace of Space Blog

“Bowls and flat plates look beautiful with a still life of luscious fruit.”-Bunny Williams


 Photo/ The Ace of Space Blog

“Group books by subject. Garden books should be placed together, as should cookbooks, novels and books on art, design, etc.”-Bunny Williams


 Photo/ The Ace of Space Blog

“The larger the mirror, the more dramatic the effect.”-Bunny Williams


 Photo/ The Ace of Space Blog

Proving that a bird cage doesn’t always need a bird….


Photo/ The Ace of Space Blog

“If you collect more than one type of object-china, pieces of silver, a collection of bronzes-group like things together. It will make more of an impact.”-Bunny Williams


Photo/ The Ace of Space Blog

Homage to Bunny’s love of the garden.


 Photo/ The Ace of Space Blog

“Homes really are like people. If it is not groomed or brought to life with flowers, plants, fires, music, candlelight, or pleasant scents, a house can seem forlorn and sad.” -Bunny Williams


 Photo/ The Ace of Space Blog

In the back of the shoppe was an outdoor patio area with statuary aged to the most perfect patina…


John, Bunny & I. The topic of conversation, one of my favorite books “Scrapbook For Living.” The perfect ending to a perfect afternoon…

I want to thank the fabulous staff at Treillage who were so very accommodating. Also, a big, huge, thank you to Tina Ramchandani & Sarah Sarna of Franklin Eighth for ensuring that our last day in NYC was one to remember….

As always,

Be Inspired. Be Amazing.