I know I have said this before, but I really don’t get out much in Atlanta. I like to think of myself as more of a “global ambassador” of design, traveling near and far. When I started my blog back in the later part of 2010, I made it my mission to bring fresh design inspiration to my followers wherever that may take me. Sometimes, I get so absorbed in the world outside of my own backyard that I forget there is much more to be seen here, Atlanta is unequivocally a “big sea” full of mega talent, the “up & comers,” and showrooms that are worthy of mentioning. Such is the case of Westside Market, I was out gardening (I really was), and I stopped to check my social media feeds (a tad obsessed, I know), and saw a note from Jill McKenzie  (she was a “Tastemaker” on the blog a few weeks ago) that I needed to go to a pop-up sale, (Hmm…dirt or dining chairs- the latter of which I really, really need). What did I chose? You are so right. Making sure that I didn’t have signs of gardening smeared all over my face, I made the hour trek into the ATL, and 3 hours later I walked out with a car semi-full of art for our Master ( the price was so right). The “Pop-Up” sale was ripe with treasured finds, and there were pieces that I am still wishing could have made it back to the “burbs” and Casa B. The day was a complete “design coup” because I found a new consortium full of inspiration, and pieces for our home. In fact, if you walked into Casa B. on any given day, you would think we just moved in. It can take designers years to complete their own homes, at least that’s what I tell myself, and what Mr. B. hopes. If my memory serves me, Charlotte Moss once said that she left a room in her house empty for years until she found the right pieces. I have always found comfort in knowing that I am not alone. If I could, I would have backed an empty 18-wheeler up to the front door of Westside Market and filled it from floor to ceiling with treasured finds. The end result: my angst would be alleviated and my home would be finished, and I wouldn’t need Botox anymore to smooth the wrinkles caused from excessive worrying.

At the Westside Market, I literally had to walk around the complete showroom (about 20,000 + square feet) about 25 times, combine ADD with too much many visual distractions and I think you get the idea. It was an experience that rivaled that of Macy’s windows in NYC at Christmas, not surprising as some of Atlanta’s top talent have spaces here, all displaying a variety of stunning furniture, accessories, art, vintage designer clothing, and jewelry all offered at a variety of price points. Quite frankly, they had me at Hermes´. Which will give me the perfect excuse to return (at least a Hermes scarf will). So here are some of my favorite vignettes, all for sale, unless some other lucky soul scores it first.


 Photo-Vicki Bolick/ The Ace of Space

I‘m a “Mid-Century Modern” girl at heart. The colors, the style and of course the pattern were perfection, of course who doesn’t like a little Zebra print?


 Photo-Vicki Bolick/ The Ace of Space Blog

Who wouldn’t want a pair of angel wings over the bed?  And maybe a halo too? 


 Photo-Vicki Bolick/ The Ace of Space Blog

One of the pictures came home with me, but I really, really wanted the sea-shell encrusted mirror. Fabulous.


Photo-Vicki Bolick/ The Ace of Space Blog

Who wouldn’t love a baby blue table paired with a Chinoserie print and eye-catching artwork?


 Photo-Vicki Bolick/ The Ace of Space Blog

Haberdashery….with a pair of well-loved riding boots…


Photo-Vicki Bolick/ The Ace of Space Blog

If I could have my dream closet, I would use unique shelving to display all my treasured handbags on the walls…


Photo-Vicki Bolick/ The Ace of Space Blog

Even though I may get into Atlanta “once in a Blue Moon” this trip was well worth it…

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