So the war of the wallpaper continues, and I want something fishy in Project:: Master-bath. Unfortunately, the only place Mr. B. wants to see fish is on his plate- southern fried, poached or smoked. Which is a huge problem. I dream of seeing fish swimming around our bathroom walls “aquarium style.” When did my obsession begin with fish wallpaper? Well it all began a few years ago at the Kips Bay Showhouse, the study had the most delicious wall-covering from Cole & Sons, and although all the rooms were stunning, I don’t think anyone in the group of bloggers I was touring with that wasn’t positively infatuated with the Fornasetti paper . It was bold and dramatic, and that’s just what I’m craving at this point in my life. Sadly, it may come down to a flip of a coin or serious negotiation. Mr. B. can watch football for the rest of the year (and I won’t say a word) if he agrees to the wallpaper of my dreams. Afterward, I plan on spending a lot of time in the bath soaking away the hours (and floating gloating in the sweet smells of victory) in my new standalone Kohler tub. The tub is fabulous, in fact my plumber said it was one of the “finest” he’s ever seen- further validating my decision. I can only pat myself on the back for making a choice, Kohler gets the credit for creating beauty in my bathroom. Project: : Master bath is moving forward once again and so is my motivation to get fish wallpaper.

Why am I in such a hurry? We have a Christmas Party coming up, and it’s possible that there could be about 50 people inside Casa B.- you can follow our home improvements on Instagram under #projectbigbash. A party is just what I need to force Mr. B. into action. He will be as busy as a “Christmas Elf” painting the back of the bookcases, striping my office, installing new lighting, putting up crown moulding (only one room) and hanging some pictures. The latter of which I could actually do myself, but I have been banned from attaching/hanging anything onto the wall. It has a lot to do with a small mirror and the fact that I put it up using Velcro. In my defense, it was only supposed to be a temporary fix (it looked fabulous in the pictures). A lesson learned.

Hopefully I win the ongoing battle for a no-holds barred wallpaper, otherwise it’s going to be very quiet at Casa B., minus the sounds of football…


 Designer/ Jack Levy

The room designed by Jack Levy at Kips Bay Show-house. This is the room that started my aquatic obsession. It was simply breath-taking in person…


 via Cole & Son (

My favorite wallpaper in another colorway.


 via Katie Ridder

This would be a very close second…


 Koromo Eclipse Wallpaper

This is bold and dramatic…and perfect for a powder room.



Stylized Koi fish abound…

I’m positively infatuated with this wallpaper, sadly it’s not in the budget (yet). If you haven’t visited the website for de Gournay you must, it’s falls somewhere between a historical wallpaper archive and a virtual candy store for connoisseurs of fine wall-coverings…

I’ll keep you updated on the final decision and of course we’ll be doing “The Big Reveal” before the end of the year…

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