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wicker style peacock chair

Is mercury in retrograde this month? If it’s not then there has to be a reasonable explanation for all the crazy that is happening. If I were to share some of the crazy with you, I think you would agree that it can only be attributed to some seriously maligned stars. From missed flights, to head-scratching e-mails, and RAC (Random Acts of Crazy) performed by others. I know we have all had those weeks (or months in my case), and with a final vacation looming I can only hope upon my return life will fall back into place (somewhere between normal and holy &%” moments).

Although, I am on a whirlwind of non-stop summer travel with the Fashionista in tow, I did have opportunities to fill my design bucket full of inspiration. Most recently on a farm (in my red Tory Burch flats). What better place? Yes, there were enough animals on the farm to fill a fleet of Arcs, and almost an entire memory stick on my Canon. So what did I see, while everyone else was focused on cows, goats, chickens and just about every four-legged creature on god’s green earth? I saw horns for tabletop displays, bird feathers to fill a vase, chicken eggs in colors to inspire any paint palette, wool from Alpaca’s that would make cozy throws for the winter, pastoral scenes that should be painted on canvas, a herd of Scottish Highland cows with hides so shaggy that I could just hug them (no I wasn’t thinking rugs). Okay, let’s go back to the feathers, the NY farm we visited had a “muster” (hey, who knew?), of Peacocks roaming the barnyard and spreading their covert feathers for our viewing pleasure (think extravagant & eye spotted). Although, I don’t have Peacock feathers in my home (but I sure would like a “muster” hanging out in our backyard), I have a deep appreciation for the range of rich colours and the design possibilities that inspired me to write this post. So this post isn’t neccessarily about colour, but about designs inspired by this wonder of the animal kingdom, and more specifically the Peacock chair. I had one in my 20’s a gift from a former boyfriend. I coveted that chair. It made its gypsies journey with me from NY to Washington back to NY and then Atlanta in the span of 13 years. Then as luck would have it-an armoire fell on it in the moving van from NY crushing my treasured chair, and hopes of sitting in it during my golden years. So if you think the Peacock chair harks back to hippies and Woodstock, think again because this marvel of design ingenuity is poised for a comeback, or maybe, just maybe, it never really left…


Credit/Vicki Bolick-theaceofspaceblog.com

This is the picture that started it all…and one of my personal favourite snaps of all time. 


via ladolcevita.com


Designer/ Angie Hranowsky

Angie is one of our “Ace Around Town Southern Taste-makers” this year…see our interview here: http://wp.me/p25JdX-24M

So there you have it the fabulous, misunderstood Peacock Chair…

Next up is Jane Goetz in our “Tastemaker Series” she just finished having photos of current work taken….and I can’t wait to share! I want to let my readers know that we are experiencing growing pains, and we are in the midst of adding a new section “The Ace of Entertaining.”  Also, starting in September we are going to start posting five days a week (with some very talented Contributors), I’ve got some amazing things planned, (fingers, and toes crossed)…and a complete renovation of our masterbath to share with you all courtesy of Kohler. We are so excited over at The Ace of Space to be partnering with this industry leader.

On Monday check back and read our interview with the fabulously talented designer-Jane Goetz.

Until then…



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1 thought on “Hey There Pretty Bird! :: Peacock Chairs”

  1. I too, LOVE the Peacock chair, or as I used to call it: the Morticia chair because Morticia Addams (of the Addams Family) had one. I coveted it for years and my parents gave me one as a high school graduation gift in the mid-70s. I took it to college with me and have had it in every apt. since. It now sits in my bedroom. And I love it still!


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