If you didn’t get to High Point this year, don’t worry because I think I have you covered. I took enough pictures to fill up the film storage room at the Cinematheque Francaise in Paris. Unfortunately, I can’t show you all of them, so I came up with a carefully curated list of my favorites. No small feat and time-consuming, but so worth it. One trend that consistently reared it’s beautifully coiffed “design head” was color-it was everywhere. From complex pink and celadon pairings to eruptions of bright & bold hues that seemed to have been plucked off the streets of the Mardi Gras. Either way, it was a welcome change from the monochromatic neutral palettes that have been haunting us so”du jour” for far too long.

I came back from High Point with a new appreciation for bold color, which has me craving change at Casa B.. A change that is going to take me down to the Decorative Art Center to pick out color packed fabrics for pillows and drapery, and maybe I’ll even recover a chair (or two). I’m looking forward to breathing much needed life back into some of our rooms with bold & bright hues. I’m sure your wondering how a color challenged Mr.B  feels about the change? Well, when he walks into our newly refreshed interior, I’ll be sure and let you know.

After all, what’s a world without color?


Studio A-Drama in the dining room…

CR Laine-Minty Green is in this year, and paired with navy, its fresh & chic.


Hickory White-Saturated colors are hot paired with another trend setter-patterned chair-backs.


Ambella Home-“Mirror (s), mirror(s) on the wall whose the fairest of them all.” Well, its this showroom all wrapped in red, white and glamour.highpointshowroom18

Ambella Home-And if you wanted another view…


Wesley Hall-Blues and shades of yellow and pair beautifully in this sunny and sophisticated space. Traditional patterns are updated with modern IKAT motifs.highpointshowroom24

CR Laine-This color palette of acid green, navy blue and pink is energetic and inspired.


Bernhardt-Black and white can still create impact when paired with complex textures and sinuous lines.

highpointshowroom20CR Laine-A bedroom design by Tobi Fairley, blush pink and white, masculine & feminine come together in this sophisticated and chic bedroom.highpointshowroom26Codarus-Wait…I said I didn’t like neutrals? Sometimes a girl is given a great reason to change her mind…


Chaddock/Mary McDonald Collection-Lavender with red accents, makes me thing outside the color box.

I hope you are inspired to re-think color and add a little drama to your life…

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