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Life at Casa B. is back to normal, we now are using our newly renovated master-bath, and the whirlwind of the past few weeks has past. So what did I do over the weekend? I went to the Cathedral Tour of Homes, with the family in tow. I had my camera bag in hand and I was in my in “Designer-azzi” mode before facing collective looks of horror on the faces of my husband and daughter. Well, the camera never made it into the car, and I had to swear that I wouldn’t embarrass them by taking pictures, moving people out of the way or re-arranging furniture to get the perfect shot. In fact, I had to hand over my iPhone before one foot was even through the door of the first house. Who does that to a design blogger? I didn’t even speak to Mr. B. for the first hour, until he said we could go have coffee and desert at Cafe’ Intermezzo. Sugar and a shot of expresso will warm my heart every time. While I didn’t get to take pictures, I wanted to at least share a few pictures of work by the designers who were a part of Inspiration Row. There is always an incredible amount of work that goes into participating in event and show-homes and the designers are often the unsung hero’s. So while all the spaces in “Inspiration Row” at The Cathedral Of St. Philips simply elicited collective ooooo…’s and ahhh…’s. I can only share a few…

The hardest part for me as an “on hiatus” designer is not being able to participate (only as a by-stander), so I’ll have to be content with living vicariously through everyone else. Inspiration Row which was also part of the Cathedral Antiques Show & Tour of Homes was designed by some of Atlanta’ finest. each space was decorated to reflect the styles and traditions from Italy to Scandanavia. So if I were to participate next year and decorate a square which country would I chose? Probably England, as most of you know it’s one of my favorite countries, my space on Inspiration Ave. would be a little bit Harrods, Windsor Castle with Redchurch St. from Shoreditch mixed in (if you are ever in London, Redchurch St. should be a must on a list of places to visit, it’s galleries, eateries all tucked away on a few quiet streets).  Although, I wasn’t able to get pictures of Inspiration Ave. I wanted to share the incredible talents of the designers who were featured.


 Designer/ Darden Mock

The organic materials blend seamlessly with the outdoor space…

cathedral3-1-1Designer/ Darden Mock

The perfect blend of Mid-Century with touches of the traditional...


Designer/ Melanie Milner

Oceans of blue paired with crisp white...


Designer/ Melanie Millner

Masculine chic…


Designer/ Melanie Davis

The antique console is simply divine…


Designer/ Melanie Davis

The epitome of European sensibilities and New England Charm..


Designer/ Tamra Bickley

Sophisticated glamour…


Designer/ Tamra Bickely

From the vanities to the tub, this space is modern sophistication.


Designer/ Laura Walker

This space is a simply stunning melding of styles and texture…


Designer/ Laura Walker

Pattern, and custom furnishings, and of course I absolutely adore the back of the wallpapered bookcase…

That was just a sneak peek of the talents that were the masterminds behind  Inspiration Ave. at the Cathedral Antiques Show. I wish I could share pictures of the show but they simply did not do justice to the spaces…

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