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gold hanging light

It’s a High Point “wrap up” this week, and today I want to reveal some of the brightest introductions at Market. I love lighting more than fabrics, rugs or artwork. On any given day, I can be swayed into replacing our lighting for some of the brands that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. There were chandeliers “shining bright like a diamond” and sculptural sconces from Kelly Wearstler, Circa Lighting and too many to list in one blog post. If anything can distract me, and interrupt conversation it’s an eye-catching light that has me looking with one eye and trying to focus on conversation with the other. If you know me and saw me at the market then you know having you repeat a sentence or two wasn’t personal. It was merely the lighting that kept drawing my eager eyes in another direction. Couple that with the fact that this year at the market I was actually working, I was hired by a local showroom as a consultant to assist in buying merchandise for the upcoming year (yes, I do that too).

I do have personal favorites but there were truly many serious contenders this year, and I only have so much time and space. You can have the prettiest pillows, the most “rad” rugs and if you don’t get the lighting just right, epic fail. So if you want to make an investment that can last for years, pick lighting. It’s truly the jewelry in the room, the statement necklace rounding off a pretty dress. That’s the essence of lighting.

What did I see this year? Lots of warm metals, golds & brass but also the introduction of copper. Remember the copper and pink chair in my last post? Stunning. The lighting was glamorous with a vintage feel, and I saw more evidence of the fascination with the 50’s and 60’s from furniture to chandeliers. Many pieces were sculptural and artistic allowing for personal expression. Nature is still a design “hot button,” with shapes recreated from the likes of sea urchins, tree limbs and stars paired with natural elements such as crystal. What’s a room without a great light?

So here are some of my favorite picks from High Point 2015…

PicMonkey Collage-lght1

PicMonkey Collage-lght2

PicMonkey Collage-highpointlighting4

PicMonkey Collage-highpointlighting5



1// Kelly Wearstler for Circa Lighting

2// Anna French

3//Aerin Sconce for Visual Comfort

4// Global Views

5// Unknown (I’m unsure who this was so if you know please convoy me)..

6// Arteriors

7// Regina Andrew Designs

8// Dovetail

9// The Muriel Cloud from Oly Studios

10//Double Drum Light from Taylor Burke Home

11// Arteriors Home

12//Kelly Wearstler for Visual Comfort

13// Aerin for Circa Lighting

That completes the “Ace Picks” in lighting from High Point, there was so much to choose from and of course so little time…

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