“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” as Charles Dickens once wrote. This pretty much sums up our 2013. The highlight of our year was the adoption of an amazing little seven year old, we recently shared our story in the media hoping that it will encourage others to open up their hearts and homes to children in Foster care. See it here: http://www.forsythnews.com/m/section/1/article/21718/

This incredibly joy was followed by the loss of my husband’s sister to cancer on October 20, 2013. She found out ten days prior to her passing, and left us all too soon. We are so very thankful that she didn’t have to suffer through the injustices that this disease wreaks on those inflicted with this indiscriminate killer. She left us with so many regrets, and at times that is the hardest part of it all. I never got to say good-bye, or let her know how much she was loved. I was able to honour her memory, when I designed the Art Room at SAFFT (Supporting Adoptive and Foster Families Together), and dedicated it to her. It’s now known as the Beverly Bolick DeBoe Art Room, and it’s a place where children in Foster care can come to create and build dreams. She also left behind a legacy which is that life is all to short. It has opened my eyes over the past few months to the fact that time is precious, and each moment should be lived to the very fullest, with no regrets. Because you never know how each of our individual stories are going to end.

Photo1 (1)                    In Memorium…  

With all that happened I have so much to be thankful for, my family, good friends and followers who have supported us through it all. If there is one lesson that I can share from this year…is spend time with those who matter, and do things that matter. End of story.

On Wednesday a New Year begins, and with all the standard well meaning resolutions, I have added a few more. To be a better person, to set a good example for my daughter, to spend more time with my family and good friends. (Anya, I will be seeing you more next year. Could we just skip the sea-kayaking in shark infested water?’). I plan on continuing my professional dreams, write more, and design less. 2013 was a great beginning, I reached some professional milestones, of which I am incredibly grateful for. So watch out world because this train is not stopping, and I plan on hitting the ground running. No looking back. No regrets.

So what ever resolutions you may set for yourself in 2014, I wish you a year of amazing moments. Until next year…