“The Ace’s” 8 Favorite Wallpaper Companies…

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I was going to do a post about a company that I’m obsessed with, but then I saw a picture of the most sumptuous wall-covering, and I simply couldn’t wait to share the love.  There are some serious contenders in wall-coverings for 2014, and someday when we are not “the house” that all the kids in the neighborhood flock to, I’ll be getting wallpaper (I’m pretty sure that the moms don’t read my blog, so I’ll share a secret-I have a stash of the best snacks this side of the Mason Dixon Line). The pint-size fingers have a serious fascination with the grass-cloth in our downstairs powder-room. A young child showing you a 12″ fiber that they pulled from the wall is not a moment I care to relive.  So until they get older and can appreciate my good taste in wall covering without picking it off the wall in small increments, I’ll just have to live vicariously through photographs.

I almost feel guilty not mentioning more companies, there are quite a few whose offerings are worthy of mention. The artistic brilliance found in so many papers is unparalleled. For now these are some of my favorites, the websites should be perused at your leisure. Quite simply, if you like cutting edge design then you will not be disappointed. The names alone are “cause for pause” like Timorous Beasties, but don’t let the moniker put you off because the papers are simply divine. For each company I chose one of my personal favorites. So enjoy!

















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