I’ve come to the conclusion that 2015 is the year of brilliant brand collaborations. Because they just keep happening. It’s also the season of design events, and in several weeks there will be a lot of excitement as hundreds of designers, media & bloggers descend en-masse on Highpoint to view the latest trends & market introductions. Then we can all begin the process of redecorating for 2016. Of which, I’m very excited about. I plan to spend more time on our home, and less time just dreaming about it.

So let me share the latest Design 10, my bi-weekly musings with something old, something new and something the perfect shade of fabulous blue!

1. That’s so Ralph. A phrase synonymous with anything remotely related to tartan plaid. I want to wrap our home in one large Intarsia or Beacon bow from the 2015 Holiday Collection. Although, Ralph Lauren stepped down last week as CEO of the home decor & fashion empire he founded nearly 60 years ago- the show must go on. At least the holiday show. I’ve been a Ralph girl as long as I can remember, at least from the time I could read his name. So it’s no surprise that his holiday collection has caught my attention. Ralph may have left the building, but he hasn’t left our hearts. He’ll continue to inspire us, from the comfort of our tartan patterned, worn leather encased libraries & studies. (www.ralphlaurenhome.com)


Image/ Ralph Lauren Home

2. Yves Delorme-For over 170 years Yves Delorme has produced luxury linens, available at high-end retailers across the country. Delorme uses a time-worn tradition of combining art with weaving which has continued to make this company a perennial favorite (yes, a pun) in the upscale linen market. The companies ability to capture a rather poetic translation of art onto linen has defined this brand for centuries, and they are continuing this trend well into 2016. This is just a sampling of the new introductions for 2016 you can visit their website (www.yvesdelorme.com) or engaging blog (www.thelinenroad.com) for more information, or to take a little visual journey through an arresting array of flora & fauna.


Image/ Yves Delorme

3. Booksmith-Clinton Smith, Editor-in-Chief of Veranda Magazine recently released a book “The Romance of Flowers”(order here) a thoughtful if not witty tome full of anecdotes & musings on how flowers have influenced our culture from fashion to film. I know Clinton from his days in Atlanta (not well enough to be invited over for dinner), so I always feel inclined to hug him when I see him. However, I’m never sure if he’s surprised, amused or ready to call security, but he’s always gracious nonetheless. So it wasn’t unexpected when he wrote an engaging book. A gift to all those who are enchanted with the very essence of flowers and it’s symbolization. Hefty at 285 pages, it’s a book that will no doubt grace coffee tables & libraries of “flower-philes” around the country.


4. Pattern PlayShibori, no it’s not an ancient form of “Tae Kwon Do,” but the Japanese word for a variety of ways of embellishing textiles by shaping cloth and securing it before dyeing. This technique continues to increase in popularity. Consider it the adult version of tie-dying. Shibori continues to show up everywhere from elegantly tufted rugs to boldly patterned accessories. It’s considered the new Ikat. I guarantee you’ve seen this Japanese indigo dying technique, but let me put a name to a face.

IMG_465806032 (1)

Image/ Benson Cobb Studios

5. Hear Me Roar-I love leopard, but who doesn’t walk a little on the wild side? What happens when you combine the complex pattern of the jungle cat with bold stylized peacock feathers? You have Leopardo. In four glorious colourways. But I’m stalking the purple & gold all the way to checkout. A daring collaboration between Osbourne & Little and Designer-Matthew Williamson. (www.osbourneandlittle.com)


Image/ Osbourne & Little

6. Boom, Clap. It’s the baby boomers that are the driving force behind a new collection by Restoration Hardware. Who wants to grow old with the ball and claw foot? The boomers (and the rest of the adult population) are seeking the fountain of youth. Restoration Hardware is banking on the “Boomers” investing and upgrading their homes to reflect what is new and youthful. Thankfully, someone spoke and Restoration Hardware listened. My hipster mother will now be enjoying her dry martini from the comfort of her sheepskin covered chaise. Shaken but not stirred.


7. Instalove-Yes, it’s time to share the love, not Woodstock style, but in the form of a kindly shout out. There is obviously a large section of the population that follows “English Rose” Sophie Paterson. But, when she hits US soil I hope I have saved enough money in my leopard print piggy bank for some light fluffing. I have a small confession-sometimes when sleep eludes me, I conjur up ways to take out a second mortage on our house. I would fly Sophie to the states, for tea & crumpets whilest we go over my design plan for our manor home (hey I can talk like the Queen all day long). So I’ll just settle for her IG feed…and somehow that makes my day a little bit brighter. You can follow Sophie @sophiepattersoninteriors. You’re welcome. (www.sophiepatersoninteriors.com)


Designer/ Sophie Paterson

8. Room of the Week– It just happens to be designed by Steven Gambrel. If it doesn’t make you want to go out and get a few gallons of blue paint then I’ve missed the mark. The blue hue livens the room and creates drama that complements the modern furniture. In fact, if you took everything out of the space, it would still capture attention & elicit a round of collective sighs. This living room gives new meaning to feeling blue…

Designer/ Steven Gambrel

9. Quotables-Because everyone loves a great quote…


10. People Who Live With Glass in Their Houses-I’m honored to be partnering with luxury glass maker Simon Pearce for the month of October in Atlanta, GA. So if you live in Atlanta or surrounding areas stop by Erika Reade this Wednesday from 1-3PM. I’ll be sharing some elegant entertaining tips showcasing pieces from several of Simon Pearce’s stunning collections. Of course all my readers are invited, so stop by and say “hi”…


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