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And they said it wouldn’t last. At least that’s what Mr. B. thought. But, there is enough news every week to keep Design 10 interesting, and then some. I could fill up pages with what I read, see & hear every week. Some I can’t repeat (shh….), and some I don’t want to. But there is one thing that we can all agree on, there is some serious design muscle collaborating with large brands. Releasing product into the market that is going to make us all want to do some extensive room refreshes. So without further ado here is this week’s “The Design 10.”

1. Seeing Redd– Well not the color red, but the Designer. Let’s face it we do associate red with heat, and this collection is hot. To think that I can have a little more Miles in my life makes me see red along with striking cubist prints and bold chintz’s inspired by the “English Country Look.” So if you think you don’t have room for any more drama in your life, think again. Because Miles is known for his “dramatic, high style rooted in classicism,” and the design world has been “redd’y and waiting.”(Available through Schumacher {link}).


Photo/ Melanie Acevedo for Schumacher

2.  That’s Amore– “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…” And a whole lot of love is what I feel when perusing the pages of the Madewell Fall catalog {link}. Let’s talk about the obvious, we are not a fashion blog. But, I AM inspired by a slice of Italia. This classic jean-maker shares stunning ocean views, time-worn architecture, winding moped lined streets, and lazy days with a greek god (okay, it’s just a fountain) while enjoying a cool bowl of creamy gelato. I almost forgot that Madewell is a clothing company, and instead it had me planning an extended Italian vacation. Gustare {enjoy}!


Madewell/ Photographer-Angi Welsch

3. “Insta-love” Speaking of worldly travels…I am an avid follower of Architect and Designer, Jeffrey Dungan @jeffreydungan {link}. His stunning pictures are the draw until you read his Shakespearean-esque feed. “The human mind always makes progress not in a straight line, but in spirals”-Madame de Stael. This quote captions raw footage of a Dungan designed staircase. He also hangs with some of the best in the biz, (like Beth Webb) who all share an incredible infinity for beauty and intellectual pursuits.


Photo & Design/ Jeffrey Dungan

4.“Picture of the Week”-When catalog photography becomes framable artwork. I don’t think green has ever looked this good since Scarlett O’Hara’s “curtain dress” in “Gone With The Wind.” Oh, and the mirrors…hey good looking. 


Photo credit/ Anthropologie

5. “Sage Advice”-Another design book is headed our way, and judging by the author it’s going to be another addition to the design library (the one that’s going to have it’s own wing at Casa B. in the near future). Pages of inspiration will be hitting bookstores soon from Ann Sage, Co-Founder of Rue Magazine. The book focuses on 28 homes, telling the design story of the occupants while focusing on different rooms from the kitchen to the bath. Do you want more good news? The book was released on Tuesday {link}.


Photo credit/ Chronicle Books

6. “Studio Tour”- Remember when we thought One Kings Lane was an exclusive club joined only by ranks of the rich and famous ie Gwyneth Paltrow? (After all they do call their customers “members.”) In 2009, the Hollywood A-Lister gave her Goop seal of approval to the online furniture and home accessories retailer, the rest was history (Revenues of $440 million and growing). Studios aren’t just located on the back-lots of MGM, but also in the Big Apple. You can now see, touch & feel the offerings of One Kings Lane {link} complete with “Stylists” to help you make purchasing decisions. We could all use a little help from our friends.


7. “Have it Your Way”– From food to furniture we want it our way, and Hickory Chair {link} offers an opportunity to customize your own piece of furniture. They even have onsite artists to transform any piece to match a design. Talk about designers kids in a candy store. That opens up more possibilities than when we found out we could design our own wallpaper (Spoonflower). Move over Miles Redd, there’s a new girl in town…


8. “Mom and Pop-Ups”-Who is Market Linen {link} and where have you been all my life? Spread the word, to your mom, pop and friends. Because this small business deserves a “Design 10” shout out. The company motto? They make “soft linen throws in small batches.” A “hat tip” also goes to the company’s  photo stylist. I not only want the throws, but I want the rooms they are photographed in. Stunning.


Photo/ Market Linen

9. Toxic Paradise. We’ve all seen graffiti art lining the underbelly of our nation’s bridges and even the sides of big city buildings. So when Pierre Frey and American Artist-Torrick Ablack, aka Toxic teamed up, they created an edgy collection of fabrics and wallpaper that won’t require a pressure washer to remove. You’ll want these bright colors and spray painted abstracts to be a part of the urban design landscape indefinitely {link}.


Photo/ Pierre Frey

10. Picture Perfect. “Roger got a camera for his seventh birthday, and he was hooked.” And we are glad he did (get the Instamatic camera of course). If you don’t follow Roger you should. This uber talented LA based photog snaps for large luxury brands (like the cover of GQ) and also sells his art photography. From whimsical photos of penguins standing on massive icebergs in Antartica to sweeping vistas of the Italian Alps. Roger captures “the inner beauty and simplicity of form that is present in everything.” Whether you visit his website {link} or follow his Instagram feed @roger_paperno, I guarantee you will be hooked on Roger. If you live in LA, you can see a small sampling of Rogers stunning work at the Leica Gallery on October 3, 2015 {link} P.S. I am also fortunate to have several of Roger’s pictures hanging in our home (call me “Lady Luck” or one lucky lady). Did I mention that I played matchmaker years ago, and he is now married to my best friend? Free photos for life.


Photo credit/ Roger Paperno

I hope you enjoyed this weeks “The Design 10” and if you have industry news, are a small business in the design industry, or have information regarding a product launch contact us at and you just may be featured.

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