Theodore Alexander:: An Afternoon With The Earl

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Last month, I was selected to be part of the High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour in partnership with Esteem Media. We visited sponsoring showrooms and were given an in-depth look at the latest collections and upcoming trends. As always, it was an impressive array of new introductions displayed in some of the most jaw-dropping vignettes which I am thrilled to share with you over the next week.

One of the showrooms we visited was Theodore Alexander which manufactures some of the most significant historical reproduction pieces available in the States. All painstakingly reproduced or inspired by pieces from Althorp estate in England, owned by Charles, 9th Earl Spencer, brother of the late Diana, Princess of Wales .

Roughly, 70 miles north of London, Althorp sits on 13,000 acres of centuries-old English forest and farmland. Befitting of this stately home, is a large collection of furniture amassed over 19 generations and centuries of history. Furniture with a story.


If our homes are our castles, then why shouldn’t we have furniture befitting a king?

Since 1508 members of the Spencer family have commissioned or purchased furniture from all across Europe. Theodore Alexander has thoughtfully reproduced over 600 pieces each telling the narrative of Althorp through the Althorp Living History Collection, and as Earl Spencer describes it “One families story that happens to be told through the house and it’s furniture.”


Photo/ The Ace of Space

This magnificent collection from Theodore Alexander allows us to bring a little bit of British History into our homes through heirloom quality pieces. Each piece telling a story that will become part of our own.


It was an honor to be given a private tour of the Althorp Living History Collection by Earl Spencer who graciously shared his family history and time with us at High Point. Undoubtedly, a life well layered and well lived.  I’m also sharing some highlights of the collection, and just a few of my favorites from the High Point Design Bloggers Tour.


For more information about the complete Althorp Living History Collection you can visit Theodore Alexander’s website here.

Check back for more High Point recaps over the next week, including my predictions for 2017 and beyond!

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