Now that I am back from an island, (it’s true) I can revisit the amazing moments of my recent trip to the “Big Apple” for #BlogTour NYC. I’m looking forward to actually publishing a post without traveling up and down a beach with my phone in one hand and my computer in another looking for three “bars”. For those of you who may think otherwise,  I mean’t “bars” on my phone (the other bars I didn’t have to look for).  If you didn’t know, your i-Phone can be a personal “Hotspot” and as soon as I found reception I was able to hit “send.” Just a little “techno tip” from someone who would climb a roof (and I have) to send out e-mails or blog posts…

I miss New York, and if I could re-do #BlogTour NYC I wouldn’t change a thing, (Veronika, maybe one little thing) that we could add a few more days to the trip, because I wasn’t ready for it to end. It was four non-stop days of learning, looking and listening, and I’m still on Day 2 in recaps. For those of you who are just joining the party, BlogTour is an exclusive group of bloggers chosen by Veronika Miller, CEO & Founder of Modenus ( to visit locations around the world and write about our experiences, it’s entirely sponsored by brands. Our amazing sponsors were DXV by American Standard, Miele, Rutt Cabinetry, Blanco, Prizer Hoods & WestEdge Design Fair. We also spent time with Tess Casey of Aisling Flowers, Michele Varian, Architectural Digest Show, DIFFA, Bunny Williams, McGuire & Neal Beckstedt.

After a morning with the magnificent Tess Casey, lunch with DXV at Eataly, we were whisked away in our private cars (yes, the only thing we lacked was the security detail) to the DXV Showroom in the Flatiron district, and immersed in four of the most influential design periods of the past 150 years (all in one mind-blowing afternoon). So are you ready for the answer to the burning question, “What has me singing in the shower?” It’s DXV by American Standard. Influenced by four major “Movements” in the companies fifteen year history-Classic, Golden, Modern & Contemporary each “Movement” contains one or two bathroom fixture suites including tubs, toilets, sinks & lavatories. Think furniture for the bath, combining both form & function. The details are breathtaking, the features unique to a company that has truly set the “standard” in the world of kitchen and bath. American Standard caters to everyone, even the most discriminating consumer. If you like a sink from the Classic Movement, a tub from the Golden Era, and a commode from the Modern Era, then mix it up, this harks back to my own personal philosophy which is “design should appear to evolve over time.” The brand has created product that will allow you to do just that. As stated by Margaret  Monteleone, Director of Luxury Product Marketing- “The product can be combined to create excitingly personal spaces in which timeless designs from disparate eras fall into an aesthetically stimulating dialogue” I invite you to visit  the DXV ( website, and see what all the buzz is about…you won’t be disappointed.


So while we tested out tubs (Typhanie), tried out faucets, and watched in awe as Debbie Drury, Director of Brand Communications showed us the features on the AT200 Smart Toilet, complete with hands-free flushing, automated lid opening & closing, seat heating and a nightlight (I believe I can speak for wives everywhere, a happy hubby could mean more time at the mall). I’m guessing it’s going to be a Christmas gift for Mr. B. (shh…..). So here are some moments and memories from the DXV Showroom, and a few P/R  photos to give you a glimpse into the unparalleled luxury of this exclusive brand.



 A lunch to remember…and a feast of cured meats and magnifico formaggio at Birreria located on the top floor of Eataly where we enjoyed  an “open air” concept in dining under glass panels…


From the Contemporary Movement.  Photo Courtesy of American Standard.


 Photo Courtesy of American Standard/ The Roycroft Suite from The Modern Movement.


From the The Golden Era. Photo courtesy of American Standard.


I love the seamless tailoring of the toilets.  Photo/Vicki Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog


Yes, these are some fixtures I would love to see in my home.  Photo/Vicki Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog


The St. George Freestanding Tub from the Classic Movement.  Photo/Vicki Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog


 A room with quite a view. Photo/Vicki Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog


 Freestanding Soaking Tub from the Lyndon Collection. Photo/Vicki Bolick-The Ace of Space Blog

As A Design Blogger I am exposed to a large number of brands & manufacturers, it’s always been my goal to bring the most innovative and unique products to my readers. DXV by American Standard is “all that” and more. It was an honour to spend an afternoon with DXV in New York City, and be introduced to a “brand offering”  where luxury and unique design all intersect in a collection of unparalleled quality.

I’ll be bringing more of the “Best of the Best” of BlogTour NYC next week…but check back on Friday where I’ll be exploring the world of Novica (a National Geographic subsidiary). Also, next week I’ll be doing a doing a guest post for Alison Victoria of HGTV’s Kitchen Crashers, (it was a promise I made over dinner & drinks) as soon as it’s up I’ll give you a link to her website. She is truly adorable by the way!

Until then…