9 Essential Design Tips For Creating the Perfect Home Office

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Design, Trending | 61 comments

Over the past few months, life has changed for many of us due to the Coronavirus, and we find ourselves facing a new reality: working from home. While some have been working from a home office for years it’s an entirely new situation for others. And with it comes challenges, spaces that aren’t functional along with the stress of creating a routine.

The concept of working from home has become the new normal and for many, the only option. And with that we are having to rethink our workspaces, some home offices are thoughtfully designed while others need to be recreated—particularly if you don’t have a permanent set-up, or you find yourself sharing space with others. So if you are going to be spending a lot of time in your home office, it’s important to have a beautiful, functional yet inspiring space to work in.

Ahead, Wade Weissmann, founder and principal of Wade Weissmann Architecture is sharing essential design tips on how to create the perfect home office.

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Photography/ Alyssa Rosenheck

1. Integrate color into your workspace

 “Color!  This cannot be overstated.  Bringing color into your home is a great way to invite the outside in.  Color also has a lot to do with mood and with eliciting creativity.  Whether it is with paint or furniture, I highly recommend finding a way to integrate color into your workspace.”

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Photography/David Bader

2. Play with texture.

 ” I love to use something such as wood in a home office.  It feels professional but it is not stuffy.  It is another way to bring the outdoors in.”

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Photography/ David Bader

3. Find a room with a view.

“If your space happens to have a view, be sure to take advantage.  It’s easy to begin to feel isolated when working at home.  Having a view of the outside world provides that connection.  Additionally, nature provides a sense of calm.”

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Photography/ David Bader

4. Incorporate unique elements.

“Incorporate unique elements, things that make it feel like your own space.  For example, a gallery wall.”

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Photography/ David Bader

5. Hang art in your home office.

“Speaking of galleries, hanging art in your home office is another recommendation.  Since it’s your home office, you have the ability to pick pieces that really speak to you, which is an ability you may not have in a shared space.”

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Photography/Alyssa Rosenheck

6. Light is an important part of your home office.

“A dark space is not the most conducive to creativity.  If you’re at an early enough stage with your home office, I would recommend having several windows installed.  If you’re at a later stage, I recommend adding fun lighting fixtures or lamps.  If you live in a cold climate, a fireplace can be a unique addition to your home office.  This will provide warmth, light and a peaceful atmosphere.”

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Photography/ Alyssa Rosenheck

7. Include natural elements in a home office.

“I love to include natural elements in a home office.  Flowers, for example.  You can include elements that are more unique to your geographical location.  Perhaps you live in an area where pinecones are prevalent, and you can include these in your home office.  This is another way to be creative with your space.”

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Photography/ David Bader

8. Create spaces that are flexible.

“Most traditional offices will have a single desk and a chair.  I like to add additional furniture in the home offices I design.  This can be a way to get a fresh perspective for yourself, sitting in a different spot in your office.  This can also be useful for encouraging creativity amongst your team.  Under normal circumstances, this is a great place to gather.  I believe in creating spaces that are flexible and that you would want to gather in even when not sitting at your desk or working.”

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Photography/ David Bader

9. Incorporate items that provide inspiration.

Lastly, I think it’s nice to have items that provide inspiration.  If you’re into music, include a retro record-player and records in your office.  If you love to read, add books to your shelves that get your creative juices flowing.

Photography with permission of  Alyssa Rosenheck and David Bader.

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