I’m waiting for my closest friend to arrive from San Diego, and if you’re  like me, having  guests is the perfect reason to get your house in order. Like cutting deer antlers down and giving them a Gilt finish with the perfect mix of gold of silver spray paint. (If my husband reads this, wait, of course he doesn’t read my blog). So I’ll let you in on a secret, I decided to put myself into serious DIY mode, and  finish a few projects that have been on Mr. B’s- to-do list for years. The antlers were from my father, and I needed an excuse to cut them down, and I think waiting 7 years for Mr. B. to do it, is the perfect one. SO I powered up the table saw, and got my”mad skills” on…If you never used a table saw don’t. If you find yourself thinking how hard could this be, then that’s a red flag to reconsider. Needless to say, I’m am extremely fortunate to still have my hands. As with any DIY project there are always a few things that go array. It’s DIY not DIYP “Do It Yourself Perfectly.”  So while the antlers look stunning in a fresh coat of gilt paint, they also have a few pieces of the saw teeth embedded in them for all of eternity (oops). I had a serious moment of weakness and I almost told Mr. B., but he was having such a great day that I decided who am I to spoil it?  He even liked what I did to the antlers to give them a little “punch,” the last thing I wanted to do was have him associate them with a broken saw.  Tomorrow, I’ll be calling around to see about a replacement blade. 

Speaking of DIY, several months ago I had dinner with the fabulous Alison Victoria of DIY Network’s Kitchen Crashers, and she asked if I would be interested in doing a guest post sometime. Of course, I said I would. So fast forward to a few weeks ago and I received an e-mail from her assistant who asked if I could write one, and so here is the link to my guest post, it’s about decorating with one of my favorite fabrics patterns…Watercolor Florals. Here’s the link and I hope you enjoy…http://alisonvictoria.com/decorating-with-watercolor-floral/




Next week, I’ll be wrapping up my latest trip to NYC, and sharing with you some fabulous products from Ruskin by Rutt and Prizer Hoods, who have over 150 hood finishes for your kitchen and they are fabulous. As always don’t forget to follow us on Social Media for more design inspiration. P.S. I’ll be attending the Atlanta Symphony Showhouse this weekend and will be sure to share the best of the best soon, all taken with a new camera that I’m trying out (keep your fingers crossed).