It’s Friday and all I want is for the sun to shine, which would give me the perfect excuse to be outside. After all it’s Easter weekend and I have numerous eggs to hide for the Fashionista (we are having an egg hunt of epic proportions). Quite frankly, this is not a tradition I carried over from my childhood, (and I feel a little cheated), but we did have Easter baskets overflowing with neon green basket grass, Cadbury eggs and bright yellow “Peeps” mixed in with Jelly Beans (the spicy ones from Brachs). Years later it is an Easter Egg hunt with florescent coloured orbs filled with Skittles & any other candy small enough to “make the cut.” When I was growing up, my mother even included a new tooth brush in our baskets along with toothpaste, a reminder that we were just one dentist appointment away from cavities. Needless to say that is one tradition that will not be carried on through this generation.

So, when I was in NYC last month for business, I bought the most festive Easter basket for the Fashionista at FAO Swartz, and it sat under my seat on the plane all the way back to Atlanta, yes, what we won’t do for our children. In fact, the basket came with me everywhere that day, a shopping companion of sorts. With a few hours to spare before my flight I made it to ABC Furnishings, Kate Spade, & FAO (I am the queen of power shopping). If you haven’t been into ABC Home, you are in for a treat because it’s floor after glorious floor of visual eye-candy. What started out as a mission to bring back a few gifts for my family, became a full fledged photo shoot. If you weren’t aware, bloggers will absolutely re-style vignettes in any store, anytime, anywhere, to get the best picture. (I am guilty). I’ll move chairs, couches & tables (even people, children & small dogs) out of my way, in order to get the best photo. With a little polite schussing, I was able to capture just a little slice of design heaven…known as ABC Home. The major theme throughout was white paired with layers and layers of glorious texture.



Throughout the store there was the perfect blend of styles, (my favorite) modern mixed with old world…



The patina on the wall rivaled that of the a centuries old Italian villa, although it was artfully achieved- it was equally as breath-taking. 



There is little that warms up white more than layers of texture…



The coffee table with the blown glass legs was simply stunning…


I would love to spend an afternoon with the visual display department (they are total genius’s), the vignettes along with some of the sculptural elements captures your full attention as you enter the loft like space…



Even a designer needs validation, so when I saw the pendant light, we have three of the exact ones hanging over the island in our kitchen, I knew I made the right decision. The foxed mirrors were stunning, although I think any mirror “foxed”  is worth a double take.



The perfect spot to rest my weary head…



This armoire was tucked away in a corner, but for me it was love at first sight, I’m not sure what the translation of the script would be, but perhaps a love letter?


Check out the legs on this glass table, also a trend that is emerging is pairing chairs and individual benches at a dining table…I love the look and quite frankly it’s are much more practical than long settee’s (because when one person needs to get up everyone will have to follow suit). If you are going to mix up seating at the table this is going to give you the most unique and functional seating arrangement. I’m a big believer that if it doesn’t make sense don’t do it!

I hope you enjoyed a brief tour of one floor of ABC Home, I’ll share more floors in the coming weeks. Yes, there are lots more floors in this home goods emporium.

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Until next time. Be Inspired & Be Amazing!