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So have we all settled into Pantone’s Color of 2015? Judging from some of the comments I received, I think not. I sincerely welcomed your opinions from my last post, even when someone told me that it was the colour of a blood clot. Hmm…as I said last week, we haven’t been this fired up since Restoration Hardware dropped a boat anchor weight stack of catalogs on our doorstep at the beginning of 2014. I’ll be interviewing some folks from Pantone in the near future. We need an explanation don’t you think? In fact, I still think we’ll find a way to incorporate just a little next year, even if it’s in a wine glass.

While the design industry is debating the color of 2015, I have been feverishly decorating Casa B. for #HolidayBigBash. We are almost ready…the new pillows are here and I have to say they are fabulous…Kelly Werstler mixed in with Shumacher Raj. Yummy. I’ve been showing glimpses on Instagram of all the changes going on in preparation for a holiday party #casab #projectbigbash. Let’s face it nothing gets me moving like an unrealistic deadline. Our Kohler bathroom will be finished in January, and it will be stunning. We’ve decided to take a little more time to get just the right pieces (and wall colour) before the big day. Look for the reveal in January, on the blog and through other media outlets.  I know that I’m dangling the proverbial carrot, but I love a little mystery and intrigue. This week I’ll be doing a post on holiday mantels from some of my favorite designers, and if I can get everyone to stop eating my mantel decorations, I might even share mine.

As you know Tuesday’s are “An Ace Up My Sleeve” day…and I have a special treat. I’ve been following Tiffany Leigh for a while now, she may have been featured in just a few publications but she’s caught the eye of many. She’s 24, a design student and has made a shoebox size living space nothing short of charming, sophisticated with a big ole sprinkle of glamour. I like to feature rising talent whether they are 70 or 21, doesn’t matter.  I love scouring magazines, the internet or even meeting people who I think are changing the face of design, or at least influencing it. Don’t get me wrong, my heart still flutters when I talk with household names like Tom Filicia or Jonathan Adler. But, I do love an emerging talent. It’s obvious that Tiffany Leigh ( is refreshingly uneffected by her talent, and projects that “girl next door quality” that makes us want to have her over for family dinners. Maybe if she ever comes to Atlanta…I will. Or perhaps a little breakfast with Tiffany?

So here are some of my personal favorites from the world of Tiffany Leigh…


Credit/ Tiffany Leigh

This is a rendering she drew…


Credit/ Tiffany Leigh

Artful displays…


Credit/ Tiffany Leigh

Tiffany’s anyone? Another rendering of one of my all time favorite stores…


Credit/ Tiffany Leigh

It’s holiday time at Tiffany’s…


Credit/ Tiffany Leigh

Bar cart styling as an art form…


Credit/ Tiffany Leigh

She had me at leopard…


Credit/ Tiffany Leigh

And a little more on the wild side…


Credit/ Tiffany Leigh

What would Audrey do? Well…other than having “Breakfast At Tiffany’s?”


Credit/ Tiffany Leigh

And yes…she’s only 24…

So there you have the wonderful world of Tiffany Leigh…who is someone I think we need to keep watching…

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