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It’s almost summer, and along with a brand new season comes a hot new Series-“Design Watch.” I’ll be interviewing some of the world’s most talented international designers. From New York to New South Wales. They are taste-makers and influencers, whose career trajectories place them in an elite category reserved for industry notables rising on the design horizon. Designers whose works are fresh and new, leaving an indelible impression, feeding into our insatiable craving for more design inspiration.

The first designer featured in our summer-long series is not only incredibly talented but has the design chops to challenge any of the industry darlings. Born and raised in Germany before studying design at the prestigious KLC School in London, she brings an infinite amount of global experience and worldly sophistication to her designs. European roots give context to a skillful blending of architectural detail and sophisticated colour palettes creating spaces that convey a timeless livability. In fact, her design philosophy underscores her unique ability to understand and translate the individual needs of her clients:

“I believe deep down most people know what they want from their homes, and I’m not there to serve my ego but to bring their vision to life,” -Birgit Klein

Which is why this incredibly talented designer is on our”Design Watch” this week. Join us as Birgit Klein gives us a glimpse into her work, business and life.

♠ What was the defining moment in your life when you knew that you would pursue Interior Design as a career?

Birgit Klein: I started my career as an Account Manger for a global real estate company and was in charge of overseeing and managing several multi-national companies and their real estate needs / portfolios. I learned so much about managing people and different trades in different countries and cultures. This experience really set me up for life as an Interior Designer, as it really seems that most of our days are spent managing something … but if I had to point to a single defining moment, I would say it was when I began designing furniture for fun, and people ended up asking me to not just design individual pieces but whole rooms and homes—and that was it! I quit my job and returned to school. I studied for several years in London and received my Diploma in Interior Design. I set up my first office in London in 2006 before moving to the US in 2009.


♠ How would you describe your “signature style?”

BK: Luxurious and timeless yet comfortable and relaxed.



♠ Having worked with well-known designers, was there one that had the greatest professional influence?

BK: They all had their own style and had amazing yet different tastes, so it is really hard to say. I learned so much from all of them.


♠ How would you describe the style in your own home-your main residence?

BK: We are in the midst of moving homes, but the in a few words I would describe our new home as: casually elegant. 


♠ Do you have a favorite colour palette?

BK: I love the grey / silver palette and mixing it with powder blues, marigold or lilac – and a lot of texture.


♠ Who inspires you?

BK: Kit Kemp

Editors Note: You can find out more about Kit Kemp {here}.


♠ Do you have favorite project?

BK: I am currently working on this stunning home in Beverly Hills with the most wonderful clients – I can’t wait to see the finished product in 2017.


♠ If you could share a piece of design philosophy what would it be?

BK: Don’t be a victim of trends.


♠ The best personal advice you’ve ever been given?

BK: A setback is never a bad experience just another one of life’s lessons.


♠ Where will we see you in five years?

BK: With my own retail presence and my own product lines, but still making time to do what I do now – which is working with amazing clients on projects throughout the U.S.





I want to thank Birgit Klein for her graciousness in participating in our Series, for more of her portfolio visit

All photos courtesy of Birgit Klein Interiors in collaboration with Period Media.

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