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The “cobbler needs shoes.” How many times have you heard designers say that? Well, it’s true, our homes are the last to be finished. So this summer I’m committed to completing both the interior and exterior of our home, and I’ve already begun. I found the perfect chairs for our breakfast room over the weekend, vintage chrome (for a steal) that I’m going to recover in acid washed indoor/ outdoor velvet (yes, it exists) in cobalt blue. The new breakfast table is on order, absolutely perfect for summertime entertaining. All the bedrooms are getting a face-lift with my daughter’s room and our guest room getting a little extra “design love.” This is exactly where the ceiling medallions come in, or if you live in England (I don’t) they are called “ceiling roses.” I absolutely love the name better…but I live in the states, and “when in Rome,” you have to call it like it is. So I’ve been looking for the perfect ceiling medallion for months to go into the guest room that is devoid of architectural detail (except for crown moulding). It’s like a box with a bed in it, and a headboard, of which is another design quest entirely.

The ceiling medallions are just the beginning of adding some much need relief to the “5th Wall.” I just have to find “the one.” Designer Note & Pet Peeve: How do you choose the right size? Well actually, the medallion can be larger than your light fixture if your ceilings are more than eight feet to balance the diameter, or smaller in smaller spaces, never chose one that is the same diameter as your light. Otherwise, you create a column effect which looks entirely out of scale.

My favorite look is using ornate ceiling medallions with contemporary fixtures, and since the guest room and my daughters room need both, I’m not going to purchase one without the other. By the end of the summer, Casa B. is going to be entirely transformed, and I can feel settled after living here for almost eight years. It’s time to practice what I preach to my clients, and that is love where you live.

“A ceiling medallion can be larger than your light fixture as long as your ceilings are more than eight feet tall to balance out the diameter,”- The Ace of Space

If you want to find sources for medallions these are some of my favorites, although I’m not endorsing or recommending any particular vendor.

I hope you are inspired to rethink the “5th Wall”…

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