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Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Cortney Novogratz one-on-one in Atlanta. She is fun, hip, gracious, personable and if those aren’t enough adjectives, she & her husband Robert are simply one of the most talented & determined design duos to grace our televisions, if not our interiors. With licensing deals that range from CB2 to Macy’s and most recently The Shade Store, the Novogratz brand continues its meteoric rise. Cortney is without a doubt, as real as her TV persona, years of experience renovating and designing spaces has provided enough compelling material to fill the pages of two books, Home by Novogratz & Downtown Chic, and countless television shows.

It was at The Shade Store, the Novogratz’s most recent collaboration that I caught up with Cortney, where she shared her thoughts on the partnership, her design business & home life.

Vicki Gladle Bolick: Tell me a little about your recent collaboration with The Shade Store & how that aligns with the Novogratz brand?

Cortney Novogratz: We’ve known the owners of The Shade Store for about 25 years, and one day we had Adam & Ian, two of the brothers over, and we started playing around with different patterns, throwing around ideas, and sketches. It was an easy collaboration, giving us an opportunity to bring great design to the masses, you are getting a custom, polished product at an affordable price. It’s design for everyone. We’ve always been firm believers that there should be money in the budget for window treatments because when everything is pulled together and there are window treatments you’ve got the feeling that “you’ve arrived.”


VGB: How would you describe your collection in three words?

CN: Young, energetic, colorful.


Image/The Shade Store

VGB: I’m curious, many of the projects you’ve worked on have been homes you’ve lived in, has there been a favorite?

CN: Each of our homes has been a form of experimentation, an opportunity to showcase our work and along the way we get to live in great places. Every home has created a dream project, maybe not a dream home. When I’m 80 I’m hoping to be renovating! A home is what you make of it, it’s a mindset, it’s the people within. At the end of the day, they [homes] are just things. There are certainly favorite aspects of each project, and they have all been part of an amazing journey. Whether it’s a castle or a renovated gun shop. In the end, we always ask ourselves-“What can be a home, how can we carve it out in an urban setting & raise a family?”


Photo/ The Novogratz

VGB: How would you describe your design aesthetic?

CN: It’s high to low, vintage to modern, male to female. But, I would have to say “vintage modern” defines my style.


Photo/ The Novogratz

VGB: In 2015 you purchased a fabulous castle in the Hollywood Hills, and it underwent a massive renovation. What’s the overall feel of the house now?

CN: Our house has all white walls, so it feels well-traveled with pieces from Austin, Texas mixed with Paris Flea Market finds…I love the mix. When you walk in it’s full of color from the artwork to the light fixtures. We wanted the home to have a grand feel too, so we demolished walls. Our biggest expense was replacing all the wood flooring.


Photo/ The Novogratz

VGB: What is the best advice you can to other couples who are trying to find common ground when designing a home?

CN: It becomes a very intimate process, when you talk about home and money there is always a lot of anxiety. I always tell people you find each other for a reason and you can pick out a paint color. This can be enjoyable! Your dream home is the process and at the end of the day, your going to have fun just don’t lose sight of the journey. And don’t forget it’s all about compromise!


Image/ The Novogratz

VGB: What would you say has been the best moment of your career?

CN: Being asked to design the Bungalow Hotel, it was our very first hotel project. It was scary at first, but we decided it was more like designing a larger home. That took the fear away.


And so as with all good things, sadly they come to an end! It was an honor & privilege to spend time with Cortney & I look forward to meeting up with her again soon. As the Novogratz’s have shown us  a man’s home is truly his castle. Here is just a sneak peek of their recent renovation (yes, a castle!) nestled in the hills of Hollywood…


Image/ The Novogratz

As the Novogratz’s have shown us “a man’s home is his castle.” And what a home it is, and here is just a sneak peek of their recent renovation a castle nestled in the hills of Hollywood…


Image/ The Novogratz

The master bedroom at “The Castle.” Unique furnishings paired with a mix of texture and pattern create a stylish retreat.


Photo/ The Novogratz

The dining room at “The Castle” displaying their signature modern, vintage vibe.


Photo/ The Novogratz

White walls serve to punctuate the pops of color introduced in the artwork & accessories at “The Castle.”

If you want to see more about their latest home renovation project you can see it here at People Magazine:

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